U Jelly?

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U Jelly?
U Jelly is a phrase/meme used on forums, most commonly 4chan, to ask a person if they are jealous. It’s

usually accompanied by a picture of a guy with a smug smirk, with ‘U Jelly?” Over his head.It’s used to ask forum goers are they jealous, because someone on the forum has something that others don’t have, and they want to show it off, to make other people Jelly.

Anonymous: I just got this limited edition version or Radiohead’s, Kid A on vinyl, U Jelly?

Anonymous 2: Yes I very much am Jelly!

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u jelly
U Jelly? is an online catchphrase used as a shorthand for “you jealous?”, an inflammatory remark typically interpreted as a form of trolling in discussions and comments.

Similar to “U MAD, the phrase is typically said in a boastful manner to cause annoyance. On imageboards, the expression is often accompanied by a cartoon character wearing a smirk.

2400 out of 2400 on sat, u jelly?

Lvl 100 in lol, u jelly?

U Jelly?: define #3
It basically means ‘You jealous?’
Hey guys, I just got the new HTC Droid! ujelly?
U Jelly?: define #4
u jelly?
Another way of saying, “You jealous?”
Guy 1: I got an A+! u jelly?
U Jelly?: define #5
u jelly?
u jelly = are you jealous?
I just bought a new mac.

Fuck off macfag.

U jelly?
U Jelly?: define #6
u jelly?
you jealous?
check out my aesthetics, u jelly?
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u jelly?
Asking and usually implying someone is jealous of something that makes you better than them. Usually the reaction is hilarious.
Person A: How did I get a D?!

Person B: I got an A+!

Person A: FUUUUU!

Person B: u jelly?

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