Best definition uzinaire mob boss; serial killer


Best definition uzimme A distored way of saying “You see me?”.


Best definition uziggermusic A sound cloud rapper who has dreads and sucks at rapping.


Best definition uziga (Waita Uziga) An artist of what can be classified only as slaughter hentai, quite possibly the sickest mind to grace


Best definition uzielle Can be nice but sometimes a jerk. Usually always friendly. A very good person. And will fight for the right


Best definition uzicrat inventor


Best definition uzi Developed by 26 year old lieutenant Uziel Gal(d. 2002 aged 78) of the IDF. Went into production 1955. 9mm Sub

uzi look

Best definition uzi look A look Given after an incident occurs that would provolke someone to shoot you with an UZI

uzi gang swag

Best definition uzi gang swag The gang named after uzi and the phs 2010 crew

uzi does it

Best definition uzi does it Synonymal for Easy Does It. Mostly applies to gang war-fare in which firearms are presnt.