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The reaction you have when seeing a scary insect or animal, e.g. a large spider.

*needs to pee, goes into bathroom, sees 5 inch long spider on the toilet seat*

You: *backs away slowly* Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope…
Nope: define #2
a flat-out refusal; the complete and ultimate rejection of reality and all things associated with said reality.
Teacher: your assignment for tomorrow’s class is a three-paged reflection on a motif of the twenty paged short story, which I am handing out to you now. Now, clear off your desks for the pop quiz. Oh and don’t forget, the test two days from now is on the entire semester’s worth of material, forgot to mention that.

Jessica: Nope.
Nope: define #3
A nope is

1) a sinonym for spiders,insects,snakes and everything that’s creepy as hell. They live in Nopeland,a swampy area of the LandIwillNeverVisit.

2) a reaction for spiders,insects,snakes and everything that’s creepy as hell.

*goes out*

*sees a nope*

*runs home shouting: nope,nope,nope!*
Nope: define #4
Slang for “no”.
Nope, I’m not going.
Nope: define #5
A phrase to say when a hat hovers above your head, and then your neck elongates to make up for this, thus placing your head inside the hat. Seen mainly in city workers, or other people with hard hats.
Engineer 1: Hey, did you hear about what happened to Jim at the site?

Engineer 2: No

Engineer 1: Did you know there’s a hat above your head?

Engineer 2: nope

Nope: define #6
When playing a scary video game, to nope is to throw down the controller, turn off the console and TV, back away slowly, and change your now soiled undergarments.

Basically, to wimp out.

I noped so hard when I saw Pyramid Head in Silent Hill 2.
Nope: define #7
‘no’ or ‘negative’. An emphatic form of ‘no’. Implying that the speaker’s answer will not be changing in the future. Seems to be used when the speaker has to say no repeatedly, perhaps tiring of using ‘no’ and ‘nope’.
Are we there yet?


Can I get a cell phone?


Can I have a raise?


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