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(1) A favored male romantic companion with whom no commitment nor title has yet been established. While a

committed relationship is expected to be eminent, specific elements prevent this from occurring (distance, parental demands, awaiting divorce finalization, or simple “not-to-that-point-yet” reasoning.) While no commitment has been made, and you are free to date others, feelings for said partner often prevent it. Your non-boyfriend is often unaware that you have dubbed him as such, but all of your friends are aware of it. This relationship phase will fall somewhere between “Boyfriend” and “That-guy-I’ve-been-seeing”.
(2) A fuck buddy with whom emotional feelings are present and mutual, but not discussed and no commitment exists.

Beth: So what’s the deal with you and Mark? Is he your boyfriend or are you guys just friends?

Ashley: We haven’t really talked about it yet, but we’ll have our 5th date tomorrow. He’s definitely more my non-boyfriend.

non-boyfriend: define #2
The guy friend in a girl’s life that she must always specify as a non-romantic relationship.

Also works for nongirlfriends.

Jessica: So is Brian your boyfriend now?

Rachel: How many times do I have to tell you? He’s not my boyfriend!

Jessica: Fine. He’s your nonboyfriend then.

non-boyfriend: define #3
non boyfriend
A male partner in a non-publicized, non-marital romantic relationship with either a woman or a man. “NBF” for short.
1. Damn, Nikki! Not another NBF, hooka! That poor bastard…

2. He’s called my “non boyfriend” because I just use him for sex. I’ll tire of him faster than Omar tires of his ho’s. Ha! Ha! Ha! Just kidding…

non-boyfriend: define #4
Not to be confused with FWB is a totally different situation. Non-Boyfriends involve commitment on an emotional level as well, as opposed to the traditional f**k buddy… Perhaps non boyfriends can be the boy you wish you had? Perhaps a secret crush who doesn’t know you like them?

Non Boyfriend can also be a great title for someone in the case where you don’t quite know where they fit in your life. You know you want them there, but you aren’t exactly sure how they fit in the long term picture. Non Boyfriends are great for non-dates & non sex as well.
My non-boyfriend and I are taking a trip to Necker Island.
non-boyfriend: define #5
someone who you hang out with, and have sex with, but don’t “date”, and are not committed to.

A friend with benefits.

“I’m not with Woody. He’s just my non-boyfriend”

“I ran into my ex-non-boyfriend’s ex-grilfriend last night. She’s a lot of fun”

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