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Nivedita is a beautiful Indian girl. Hauntingly Beautiful. She is the kind of girl that inspires the romantic within all of us. She is the girl songs are written about, the girl that makes you want to pick up a guitar, the girl you find yourself writing poems for, in a giddy haze at 4 in the morning, whilst in the back of your mind wondering what the hell happened to your masculinity. Objectively, she is out of your league and yet every part of her seems to scream, ‘talk to me, know me, love me’. The idea of another guy touching her sends you into a murderous rage and the idea of someone breaking her spirit simply breaks your heart. Falling for her can be intense and overwhelming, you fall hard and you fall fast but she can melt even the most stoical of hearts so don’t attempt to fight it.
Guy A: Maaaaaaan. Have you seen Nivedita?

Guy B: BACK OFFF! She is MINE. ALL MINE. She just doesn’t know it yet.

Nivedita: define #2
Ever felt that pain in the ass which seems to originate from an alternate dimension – one that you cannot locate or do anything about but you can’t sit, stand, crap or generally move until it magically goes back to the alien mothership it was sent from.

Nivedita is the name of that alien mothership.

A fine pain in the ass from a fine ass. It’s Ass-ception.

Friend 1: Hey, did you run into Nivedita recently?

Friend 2: How do you know?

Friend 1: You’re limping.
Nivedita: define #3
Nivedita is a name of a person who’s probably in her late 20s and probably pretty and doesn’t know what to do with her life.

She is the kind of person who would ask you to meet them even though you tell them a zillion times that you’re tired and had a long week at work where you worked 4 nights continuously and travelled almost 50 kms everyday. When you meet and you tell her that you spent an entire day playing FIFA alone at home she insists on giving you company. Next thing you know you are just playing a game at your place with Nivedita and she asks you to order dessert and when the dessert comes she starts putting some chocolate on your face and looking at you seductively. One thing leads to another and you are making out on your couch. Then sudden tiredness kicks in and you realize that you just can’t, so you pull back and then she says she has to leave. And that’s probably the last time you see her. Every time plans are made to meet they get cancelled because it’s definitely awkward.

Next thing you know, she is ignoring you. Yes Sir you heard it right, one day she wants to make out with you and next day she is ignoring you. Classic Nivedita!

“Dude this girl I made out with once is just ignoring me these days”

“Ohh classic! Must be a Nivedita!”

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