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a whore that is of african american culture. (a black hoe)
damn that nigger bitch is fuckin ugly
niggerbitch: define #2
nigger bitch
the act of being black and a woman
Why didnt that nigger bitch fix me a sandwich?
niggerbitch: define #3
nigger bitch
a white girl having sexual relations or dating/engaged/married to a black man.
Kayla is a nigger bitch.

John says, “I would fuck her.” and Bill says, “Dude, shes a nigger bitch.”

niggerbitch: define #4
1. A term for a white man often hanging around many other black men acting as if to be one of them, consistently acts against one’s own skin color in an attempt to try and impress African Americans. Often dresses in baggy clothes featuring shirts either consisting of Eminem or “sesame street gangsters”, and tries to cut in on the middle of a true Nigga’s conversation only to be ignored, ’cause they know he’s a “Nigger-Bitch”.

2. A cracker who is just trying too hard.

3. A person who would consecutively use the word “Nigger”, but not directly to a person’s face so as to avoid conflict, i.e. (Internet, phone, social networking, etc.)

1. Black guy 1: Hey man what the fucks up with that kid?

Black guy 2: I don’t know man I think he’s trying to act black.

White guy: Hey did you guys watch B.E.T. last night?

Black guy 1 & 2: DAMN! He’s a Nigger-Bitch!

2. Black guy: Hey man, you see that cracker with all that shit. I mean he’s got Nike shoes, a Polo shirt, sideways hat, fuckin’ gold grill, and a chain saying “Big Fucking Chain”.

Latino guy: Shit, even I know that he’s a Nigger-Bitch.

3. Guy 1: Hey fuck y’all pussy Niggers… black Nigger bitches…..suck my dick Niggers…..Obama’s a Nigger….

Guy2: Shut the hell up you stupid fucking Nigger-Bitch!

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