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Something that is especially ghetto. Can usually be applied all things low rent or tacky

Did you see those rims they were niggerant!!

That bitch has 5 kids by different daddys she’s one niggerant ho
niggerant: define #2
nigger ants
While ants (of any color) generally work hard for the betterment of their colony, invariably there will be a group of ants sitting on the corner, collecting welfare checks, and drinking malt liquor. These ants are more predominant in the black ants (Camponotus pennsylvanicus).
a: Look at those lazy nigger ants.

b: Squish’em

niggerant: define #3
Decribing the common ignorance of the most inner-city African Americans. Pronounced like “ignorant” with the N-word infront.
Lateesha and JayQuan are so niggerant, thinking that nothing applies to them. They can’t just do what ever they want!!
niggerant: define #4
nigger ants
1. Derogatory name for chocolate chips.

2. Black ants often found wandering in the backyard.
1. These cupcakes are covered in nigger ants. I don’t want ’em.

2. Damn nigger ants are all over the kitchen.
niggerant: define #5
An ignorant nigger. Lacking in knowledge and set in his ways. He will always be correct and speaks Ebonics. Out of its ghetto area he is equivalent to a retarded kid. Normally working at fast food and mad at life. Usually rude and always has a ignorant statement.
Man, that is the most niggerant black man ive ever talked to
niggerant: define #6
A Non-Racist term I use to discribe a person of any type of racial hatred, or in general to discribe someone who really dont understand the true meaning of nigger and is to ignorant to look it up.
“That damn redneck Niggerant F*#K! He really is a nigger!”

A racist person is igorant to his own niggerance!

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