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A person from Nicaragua or of Nicaraguan descent.
He says that Nicas are rowdier than Costa Ricans.
Nica: define #2
1. A nickname for the fullname Veronica

2. A person from nicaragua or from nicaraguan descant

1.”Hey Nica, what’s up?”

2.”I am part Nica and part Italian.”
Nica: define #3
Beautiful smart person who will go very far in life and will be successful in many aspects
This girl is very Nica it’s hard to believe
Nica: define #4
A Nica is a smart,gorgous and kind girl. It is normally short for Veronica. She normally gets good grades and has many guys friends and awesome friends that are girls. If u ever see a Nica don’t miss out on being her friend!
” Wow did u see nica today she looks great. She is always hanging out with boys and some girls”
Nica: define #5
Nica is Italian slang for small, much like Chica in Spanish. Also a cute name for a dog.
Nica is the cutest little bitch I have ever owned. That Nica is so cute, When I am mad at her I call her Neekee.
Nica: define #6
1. a slut who won’t stop sleeping with guys.

2. someone who is a true democrat and a hillary clinton lover

3. someone who says chode and other naughty words a lot!

1. That nic-a is always at the strip club trying to get herself a stallion!

2. OMG! The slutty nic-a shot John McCain!

3. The nic-a’s profanity made Jonny Fresh want to shoot her with his 9mm.(if you know what i mean)

Nica: define #7
A slang word that people use when they don’t want to say the curse word “Nigga”. Also meant to be funny.
“Shut up, Nica!” or “Look at that Nica over there!” “Hey Nica, what ya doin’?”; “That Nica over their look sexy”; “What the bizzness is Nica”; “Nica!”
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