New City, NY

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New City, NY
A place in Rockland County where the kids think they are cool and really are just brats who don’t know

what cool is. The larger percentage think they’re black; the others just wish they were and spend momma and daddys bling (not their own…why should they) on urban ghetto clothes. Actually, some of them think they’re scene, but really they aren’t and they also speak ghetto and use the word ite as if they lost their teeth.

I go to the mall in my baseball hat, which is on either backwards or sideways, with my matching basketball jersey and my pants all the way down past my ass. Hey…my folks bought this outfit, i wouldn’t spend any of my money bling on it. No, I don’t work either. I am from New City, NY and we all look down at the rest of you. Though outside of new city they have no friends pooblie.
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New City, NY
A town in Rockland County, NY. It has the highest percent of Jewish Americans in all of the United States. All of the kids in Clarkstown get off on holidays like Rosh-shush-shanah and that dradel-spinning knock off of Christmas.

Easily half of the kids in New City think that they are from a rough neighborhood or part of a gang, and that they have endured so much and made it to the top. The truth is that they go home to their $500,000 houses and ask their parents for money to go to the Palisades mall. They will probably get a car for their 16th birthday, and go to any university of their choice.

Don’t listen to him. He wears baggy jeans, FUBU, and is white. He also resides in New City, NY.
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New City, NY
Jew city (in New York)
a town with many jews
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New City, NY
The most Jewish town in the most Jewish county in America. Every other place that claims to be “Jappy” doesn’t even approach the level of Jappiness witnessed on the daily in New City, NY. 60% of people are Jewish, 20% are Asian, and the rest are probably either Italian or Irish. Minorities amount to maybe 5% of the population at most. Kids from New City go to two high schools: Clarkstown North, which is 80% Jewish, and Clarkstown South, which is 50% Jewish. Contrary to popular belief, the wealthiest towns in the country are not the most Jewish ones. New City, a relatively wealthy town but no Scarsdale or Beverly Hills, has a significantly greater percentage of Jews than either of those towns.
A Typical Conversation in New City, NY:

-Hey Jillian, wanna go to the mall?

-Maybs Becky but we HAFTA stop at Cheesecake while we’re there. K?

-Fineee. Lemme get my Juicy zip-up.

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