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neebs is a word used in fife which is shorted for neebur

awryteeee neebs hows it gaw?
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Variation of Noob. Neeb means a Noob who is too nooby to be given the title Noob.

If you dont know what Noob is see Noob.

For example-

Person 1- Oi Neeb!

Person 2- 1i3k 0m9z0r sh00t 00p j0o ub3rn00b3rfr00b3rn33brz01d!!!!!11!!11!!!!

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code word for “blunt” or any other form of weed ready to be smoked. Usually used in conjunction following the word Shneeb
nigga I ain’t burned one all day, lets Shneeb a Neeb
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A neeb is a “super noob.” A noob that surpasses the common noob in noobieness. Use when somebody really, really sucks and is pissing you off.
You neeb! Stop spawn camping and play the game!
neebs: define #5
sometimes a musty cunt
that neebs is a musty cunt
neebs: define #6
An abbreviation of neighbour, or neebur. Mainly said in the shite county of Fife!
awryt neebs! am mad wi it pal!
neebs: define #7
A person with a small penis.
Example 1)

“You’re a neeb” –

“You have a small penis”

Example 2)

“That’s neebish” –

“Your current manner is reminiscent of one who possesses a small penis”

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