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(adj.) (adv.) acronym for “Nothing But Boner”. Used to describe something that is awesome. Commonly used for sexual awesomeness but

may also be used as a common adjective or adverb.

All those ladies at the banquet were very attractive. I would have to say that banquet was NBB.

My girlfriend just went on a shopping spree for new undergarments and wanted to show them off to me, needless to say, my night was NBB.

The Bears beat the Eagles… NBB!!!

I just lost a bet and had to pop a viagra, I am 23 years old and do not suffer from erectile disfunction, 48 hours straight of NBB.

NBB: define #2
An acronym for no brokeback. Its the same as no homo, a lot more discreet and faster to type.
Yo, that is a fly ass shirt you got on bro.. nbb..
NBB: define #3
(Nose blow burn) The inevitable chaffing of the nose due to excessive snot blowing and wiping.
Dude, i was fine tuning the trumpet snout, and now i got some straight up nasty NBB!
NBB: define #4
Nothing But business.
Example 1:

Person 1:”Hows your day going”

Person 2:”Its N.B.B.”

Example 2:

Person 1: “Are you going to fuck your girl friend at her house?”

Person 2:”Well thats N.B.B.”

Example 3:

Person 1 “You should add some color to your work sheet.”

Person 2 “Are you crazy im Fucking N.B.B.”

NBB: define #5
National Blue Beret, aka NBB for acronym-inclined individuals, is the form of “fun” in which members of a secretly open organization to the public do random summer things and string them together. This cadet activity includes Operation Thirst (THANK YOU!), free shows which have featured comedians such as Jeff Dunham, flight-line marshalling many planes, volleyball, poking fun at the first year rookies, finding signals that most people don’t know even exist, and most of all, 17 days of life away from the world as it is known to be “civilized”. Traditions include Tiger-Tails, the Rubber Chicken (and ensuing requirement to attain it), and the sorta exclusive GDB Ring.
Lol Jill, I was at NBB 4 2wks & i couldn’t txt, i had a blast though!

oh yeaz, i forgotz about that.. i thought you were mad at me lol

NBB: define #6
Nice Booty Bitches – an alternative to big booty bitches. NBB’s are usually white girls with nice asses that are not necessarily big.
Cameron: Damn, that white chick has a nice ass.

Conor: Yeah, she’s a NBB.
NBB: define #7
acronym for navy blue buddy. it is a very intimate relationship that arises from two companions who happen to notice one day that they both have a wardrobe that is composed with a majority of navy blue clothes. this bond is never broken. once a nbb, always a nbb.
Oh my god! I’m wearing a navy blue sweatshirt and you’re wearing a navy blue shirt!!! I guess you could say we’re nbb’s!!
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