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A term referring to the helplessness and utter desecration of character one experiences while working on, or having worked

on, a project for the Walt Disney Company. At its core, the term reflects the simultaneous domination of an individual as well as the aggravation/humiliation of being put into a lose/lose situation despite competence and exceptional job performance prior to working with Disney.
The correct usage of the term is only acceptable by third-parties and their affiliates dealing with Disney. Usage of the term by Disney employees is outright, since they are already under the protection of Disney’s blackened wings and will in essence not be held accountable for any mistakes they make while involved with a project. A “project” may refer to anything within the soul stealing scope of the Walt Disney Company which includes, but is not limited to: movies, music, books, clothing/apparel, toys, live entertainment, and even retail.
Although one may argue that the term is a direct off-shoot of the now popular slang term pwned (meaning pure annihilation, often to a laughable extent), “Narn’d” is singularly different in that it is applied only within the context of the working world and, more often than not, makes light of a rather serious situation where one’s job/career may very well be on the line at the discretion of the Walt Disney Company, or in most cases, the discretion of one’s own employer (since someone must be held accountable to sate the outrageous and constantly changing demands imposed by the tyrannical rule of Disney, should things go awry).
Although any level of employee may be susceptible, those who have been “Narn’d” are more often than not at the bottom of the corporate food chain, receiving grossly inadequate compensation for the level of time/energy they put into a project while conversely taking full responsibility for any disasters that ensue.
“Narn’d” is comparable to being sodomized by Mickey Mouse while he gives the “thumbs up” and laughs his signature “Ha HA!”

Did you hear about Pete? He worked a 15 hour shift on Friday, then got called in on Saturday AND Sunday! He got Narn’d so bad I was sure he was going to come in on Monday with a loaded shotgun.

Why is it that whenever there’s a problem, I’M the one responsible? Shouldn’t Linda be the one getting Narn’d? She’s the damn manager of this department, not me.

Brianna is inconsolable; she’s sitting in her cube right now crying her eyes out because she has to work all next week to meet the deadline for the nine-hundredth installment of “The Land Before Time.” Disney just Narn’d her out of the vacation she’s been planning for the past three months.

Just got a call from the head honcho. I’m totally Narn’d. Hopefully the unemployment line isn’t too long this time of year.

Who’s bright idea was it to pick up Disney as a client anyway? We’ve totally bitten off way more than we can chew and we’re getting Narn’d. My phone hasn’t stopped ringing in three days and my e-mail looks like Chernobyl.

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