Mystic Island

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Mystic Island
A scummy pit stop along the Jersey shore. The area is mostly inhabited by drug addicts, alcoholics, and teenagers who

think they are bad-ass. A majority of these people also believe that they are somehow affiliated with the crips, the bloods, or thelatin kings. Even the pree-teens think they’re cool because they steal cigarette butts out of the Italian American’s garbage cans after senior citizens have smoked them down to nubs. Everyone who lives in Mystic is on welfare or does so many drugs that they somehow magically qualify for disability.The air in Mystic often wreaks of dirty vagina, asshole, and pot. Occasional there is a strange ‘moving cloud of stink’ that originates in lower mystic (from welfare housing) and somehow systematically moves around the entire island, making it stink of cat piss.

Don’t ever come to Mystic Island. You’ll get addicted to Heroin and you’ll never be able to scrub the odor of pot and cat piss out of your clothes, regardless of how many showers you take with brillo pads.

If you come to Mystic Islands, the toxins in the air will kill you with ten years. Or you’ll live forever at the cost of your soul.

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mystic Island
A town in the mcentral coast of new jersey that is not a island and that is apiece of shit and there is nothing to do besides sit at the community center and try to find something to do and smoke weed. If you try to venture somewhere from the Community center you magically appear back at the community center, its a trap. In the summer everyone goes to Long beach island. All teenagers in Mystic are obnoxious and think they are tough. It is a shore community and sometimes the whole town smells like shit and dirty vagina… or a dirty vagina with shit in it. Dont ever go here you will just end up at the community center. Everyone goes to shitty ass pinelands where the teachers are stoners(mr. toth) and every other school hatesd ur sports teams cause they think they are good but they always suck (ecspecially Varsity football) Town is sorrounded by tuckerton, west creek, parkertown and new gretna. they are all sucky and west creek, new gretna, and parkertown are racist white trash hicks
Scott: wat r u doinm today?

Matt: chillen around mystic.

Scott doin what?

matt: Goin to the community center to meet up with people and make plans…

a: Where do you live?

b: Mystic Island

a: What the hell is that?

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Mystic Island
A really trashy town in NJ. Everyone who lives there are poor (except if they live on the water, those people are kinda rich) and are on welfare and poverty-stricken.

There are two sections. Mystic (the real mystic) is on the waterfront and all the tiny shacks (that are expensive cuz they’re on the water) there are being torn down to build these giant 5-story mansions on pilings (piers).

The second area is Upland Mystic (the poser mystic). The people there think they are cool when they aren’t at all (poor people are NOT cool). The crime there is SO high that whenever you see the police log in the newspaper, all the police calls are about people getting arrested in Upland Mystic. There’s alot of shooting, stabbing, and drug dealing. The houses are run down, they have no grass, and the cars are all on cinderblocks. If one of those houses were to be torn down, all the property values in the whole state would skyrocket.

Ooooo, I’m SO cool and I’m from Mystic Island!!! Oyeaaa!!!!!
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mystic island
a really crappy town with morons and scumbags that have nothing to do but sit around wawa thinking there cool when there losers so hardcore. this town is horrible never come here ever and if you did never come again.
if you see people walkin on the street of mystic RUNNNNN!!! might pop a 9 in your bitch ass.
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