Must be nice

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Must be nice
The world’s most condescending phrase.

Girl: I’m getting fucked up tonight!

Guy: Must be nice.
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Must Be Nice
Used by workplace managers and bosses to lay guilt and shame upon their employee’s vacation plans and/or anything that is not work oriented.

Usually preceded with a “Hmm..” or an “” and sometimes just an eyebrow raise and nod of the head.

-Employee (sheepishly): “So uh, I am thinking of taking an extra day off after Memorial Day for..uh..”

-Boss (sternly): “Oh wow! — really?…for what?”

-Employee: “Well…something…you know…well I just need that day off.”

-Boss: “Hmmm… Must Be Nice
Must be nice: define #3
acronym for Must Be Nice = MBN

First heard in Sydney Australias Star City Casino. Commonly used by Bananas in the poker room.

Star City poker croupiers have started using MBN in their everyday vocabulary. First started by Nelson ‘LUKBOX’ Lah.

Usually said sarcasticly.

Example 1:

*pre flop action* call call call raise reraise flatcall pushes all in call call call all in call all in. all ins called. 10 million dollar pot. flop A,H Q,H 2,H. turn A,D. river. 10,H.

Player 1: 2,D 2,S

Player 2: A,S A,C

Player 3: K,H J,H

the rest of the players: “must be nice to flop a set” “must be nice to turn quads” “must be nice to fill up a boat on the turn” “must be nice to river a royaly” “must be nice to have 53 outs and not hit”

Example 2:

Croupier 1: must be nice to have last break

Croupier 2: must be nice to be static bonus

Croupier 3: must be nice to get shafted

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