Munster, Indiana

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Munster, Indiana
Munster, Indiana is a nice suburban town in NW Indiana. There are many negative thoughts about the town, and many

from nearby towns like Highland and Hammond talk bad about Munster and describe it as a town full of rich snobs when Munster is a mostly solid middle class town. South of the railroad tracks is where the wealthier upper middle class residents live, but even then, most of them aren’t snobs but hardworking. People talk bad about Munster High, and it is true that residents can be a bit arrogant, but that isn’t without reason. Munster High is a high quality school that has high standards as well as little fights and drug users. People also think that most teenagers in Munster drive Porsches, Mercedes Benz, and better, but most drive modest ordinary cars that are around 5-10 years old. Also, Munster has very little crime. The worst thing to worry about would be something minor, like theft or drug use. Very rarely are there any serious crimes, like people going missing or murders and only two policemen have ever died on the job, both from accidents. Munster is an excellent town with high standards, low crime, and a great school system.

Munster, Indiana is a great town with great people.
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Munster, Indiana
See asian invasion.
I swear, Munster, Indiana is like “Little Asia” now.
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Munster, Indiana
A mostly white southeast suburb of Chicago of almost 22,000 people in Northwest Indiana. The surrounding towns are jealous because the sports teams are (on average) better than the other schools. Others say that Munster is soo rich but they only see the south end (below the tracks) of town. People in Munster tend to think they are “the shit” but really can only compare to the other towns in Northwest Indiana and the South Suburbs of Illinois. They don’t stand a chance against others. People in Munster think that Abercrombie, Hollister, and Express are VERY PREPPY and TOP BRANDS when there are more top brands like Juicy, Se7en, True Religion, etc. Girls like to carry ENORMOUS Coach purses and drive their Mercedes, BMW’s Audi’s, Lexuses, Porsche’s, that they actually own as compared to the folks at LC who’s parents lease a 3 year old Mercedes for them to drive when they go to a Munster sporting event. Munster people go to Orland Square, Woodfield, or Downtown Chicago a lot because they are “too good” to shop at Southlake Mall. Most kids drive better or as good of cars as their parents and the teachers here get paid so much that their cars are even better than many of the students cars. Most teens that do work in Munster work at Strack and Van Til (due to having connections), Fro-Yo, Dairy Queen, or for Munster Parks & Recreation. It is not uncommon to see a kid from Munster sporting their lettermans jacket during the summer just to show their achievements. Munster cops do not give warnings and WILL give u a BIG ASS TICKET for anything. Munster cops like to “check-up” on the minorities that live in nice homes just to make sure they actually live there and are not pretending so that there kids can go to Munster Schools (which are one the best in the state). All in all, Munster is a town that is really a world different than surrounding towns. ***Also, Briar Ridge Country Clubians like to claim that it is in Dyer and Schererville (which is true) but MOST kids that live their pay the extra $5,000 to go to Munster schools or private schools in Chicago so they do not taint the family name by attending an LC school.
Hammond kid: Hey, where are you from?

Munster kid: I’m from Munster, Indiana u?

Hammond kid: Fuck you!

Munster kid: I’ll remember that when my dad is writing your dad’s paycheck!

LC Girl to Munster Girl

LC: My parents just bought me a Continental!

Munster: Aww damn, u got me!

LC: (to other friends) See, not all Munster people are rich!

Munster: Well, i got a Bentley Continental GT…so….ya….we kinda have some money…

LC: Fuck off you snobby bitch!

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