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A suburb of around 30,000 people north of Chicago. Somewhat the ghetto of the north suburbs, if such a thing

can be imagined. It used to be popular for the elite of Chicago to have a house on Diamond Lake back in the seventies, but the trend died. Mundelein is now known for a consistently bad football team, lots of high school pregnancies and arrests, having nothing to do except hang out in parking lots or at the Baskin Donuts, and a rather large Mexican population. Is basically a less industrialized version of Vernon Hills and a poorer and less snobby version of Libertyville.

“Hey, I know, let’s go to Mundelein tonight!”

“Great!…bowling, or donuts?”
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One of the most awkward and unfortunate suburbs of Chicago, too large to really be considered a small town but too small to actually be interesting. Mundelein is best-known for its gang fights, large Hispanic population, high number of teen pregnancies, and drug network (the local Burger King made national news for selling drugs out its drive-thru windows). Attractions at its high school include live arrests in the parking lot during first period and a comically bad football team.

Residents of the town flock to cooler places for entertainment, since Mundelein is primarily made up of Starbucks and Walgreens, with the occasional SuperTarget or Baskin Donuts. Popular nicknames for the town include Mundeslime, Fundelein, and Little Mexico.

Libertyville kid: Hey, look, a gang fight!

Mundelein kid: Psh, that’s not a real gang fight. You want to see that? Go to Mundelein.
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Mundelein is also known for there police and narcotics force. There cops are scum bags that pull over teenagers for no other reason but to hastle and search them. The cops are more concerned with busting kids at the frolf course for being there 5 mins before the park closes then taking rapists off the street.
*two kids driving

kid #1: dude im getting pulled over by mundelein.

*three more cop cars arrive

officer: do you know why i pulled you over?

officer: the green air freshener u have hanging from your rear view mirror is an obstructed view. step outside of the car.
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A Suburb of 30,935 about 30 miles north of Chicago, known for whinny teenagers who like to trash-talk it behind anonymous pseudonyms on various web sites.

It is a diverse community, with both large Hispanic & Asian communities, and is home to Mary of the Lake Seminary, in which, the teen pregnancy rate is low, & there has never been a gang fight.

Much to the chagrin of teenagers who are recently licensed to drive, Mundelein is not considered a big “Party Town”, and the police take exception when, said teens, take the local speed limit as nothing more than a suggestion. On the bright side, there’s such a large retail tax base, that, like Vernon Hills, there is no annual vehicle tax.

The South East corner of Mundelein boasts a great industrial section, (Home to Medline), with factories that employ thousands.

I mean, look at the other definitions here! Total copy & paste! Probably the same person(s) since this is the only definition “they’ve” posted.

Mundelein is 20-30% Hispanic.

DUDE! That cop pulled me over for a TOTALLY bullshit reason! Sure! He followed me around the same three blocks twice, but we were confused after smoking that joint!

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A suburb of Chicago, too big for the reputation of a “small town” It consists of 3 elementary schools, 2 middle schools and one high school. Carl Sandburg (middle school) is known for being one of the best schools for sports. Boys volley ball, Wrestling, Track, and Cross Country are the sports they are known for. Wrestling team in (08-09) Went on to only lose to one team, as well as beating the only undefeated team besides them at the time. The Cross Country girls dominated as they won their conference and multiple people went to the State meet. Mundelein has a reputation for being a gang town filled with “Gangsters”. Which most of them are just talk. Though if you bad mouth mundelein, they will most likely join together and hunt you down.
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Shitty, scum bag town full of pregnant 12 year old mexicans. They live in America yet none of them speak English.
“Hey Jenna! Where’s the new landscaping crew from?”

“Oh, they’re from Mundelein! Don’t bother speaking to them, they only speak Mexican.”

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