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Questions can be abbreviated to a single noun usually abstract followed by the word “much”

Vince buys a new car and rocks up to his friends place and says “Do you like my new wheels? “Jealous much?”

Vince: Dude, I just saw my ex girlfriend with another guy..

Dan: Ohhhh man! Awkward much?

Vince: Cigarette much?

Dan: Yeah man, im really keen for one.

Vince: What are you up to tonight? Work much?

Dan: Yeah man… Its pretty lame!

Much?: define #2
When we say sentences like ‘Walk much?’ we shorten ‘Do you walk much?’

VERB + much


NOUN + much



Confused, much?

Off message much?


Much?: define #3
an unconditional an infinite amount of love.

A word only reffering to the unconditional amount of love a person can feel.
Denny, I love you muches.
Much?: define #4
Much (?)
Used at the end of a sentence, as if to confirm something that you already know. Often used in a playfully disrespectful way. Can also be used in a similar way to adding ‘not’ to the end of a sentence.

A: (says insult)

B: (overeacts)

A: Wow, over reaction much (?)



A: What’s 1+1?

B: Haha, Genius much (?)

Much?: define #5
Used on the end of adjectives to make retarded sentences.

If you want to sound like you’re a conformist then go ahead. OR you could sound like you’re from a modern age with advanced people (yes even the prostitutes) then, you probably should just leave it alone.

gangster much.
Much?: define #6
1. Just a word used after using another word to make it heaps cooler

2. Used at the end of a sentence to piss people off.

3. The best word in the English dictionary

1. Jealous much?

2. Wana come and get drunk with me much?

3. gay much?

Much?: define #7
Used by phaggots and corny ass mofos. It’s used usually on the internet by people who want to sound “cool”.
Me : You suck!

Bob : Jealous much?

Me: STFU, bitch!
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