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Without a doubt, the greatest lyricist that ever lived. Former lead singer of 80’s band “The Smiths”, Morrissey has made

a name for himself in popular music and is known for his outrageous (yet highly laughable) comments. He is also a vegetarian, and a native of the UK, who current makes his home in Los Angeles.

did Morrissey really say “bring me the head of Elton John”?!!
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Synonym, Another name for God.
‘You ever heard of Morrissey?’ ‘Of course, that guy is a God amongst us mere mortal men’
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Also known as Moz, Mozza, Mozzer, Mozfather, Pope of Mope.
The official Pope of Mope. Ladies and gentlemen…Morrissey.
Morrissey: define #4
Someone that is being socially reclusive or wallflower-like in a very social space, like a bar or a club. They may have a somewhat saddened look on their face.
Hey Eddie, where’d your girlfriend go?

Oh, she’s being such a Morrissey and is listening to her headphones in the corner.

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From the midlands, peaky blinder, canal boat owner
You see that man over there? He’s from Coventry, he’s a right Morrissey!
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A very talented Irish musician from the 1980s; and a thousand times more talented than that fat loser Robert Smith. (The Cure)

A lot of people who make fun of Morrissey; don’t understand him. He is actually being SARCASTIC ON PURPOSE in his song lyrics. (Morrissey). Morrissey is not crying. He’s making fun of people in his lyrics. (His lyrics are usually jests.) Morrissey isn’t a sensitive man or a wimp or even gay. (the only thing that is wrong with Morrissey and that I disagree with; is that he is a vegetarian and doesn’t eat meat.)

The Smiths music is meant to be upbeat and happy sounding melodies; but the lyrics are meant to be sarcastic and full of dark humor and jests.

Well, hell. I am a Cajun from Louisiana also. (just so you all know) and I actually went to school with a female Morrissey. Usually we get French last names down here, but sometimes Spanish and English.

(But I guess she was Irish American. Wonder if she was in any way related to him. Ha !)

These lyrics should be a dead give away that Morrissey is pulling yer leg:

“Who says I lie, because I never! I never! Who says I lie? because I never” (ex. everybody has lied before. Morrissey is mocking people who claim innocence. In reality, Morrissey believes that nobody is innocent. That’s the whole point in this lyric. WHo says I lie? I never! (lie) He is mocking human nature- EVERYONE has lied before.)

“Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ” from the song Panic, is basically about how Morrissey doesn’t give a crap about the song that is being played by the DJ on the radio; and that it’s a happy song that doesn’t fit the atmosphere. (it was a tragic day- he wrote it the same day as the Chernobyl disaster) Basically, he is saying that the DJ is an idiot for playing Wham! and should be hanged (dark humor) because he is playing happy music at an inappropriate time. (Morrissey is morose/bittersweet and sees the world as a dark and gloomy place. So he is bashing the DJ and George Michael.)

Morrissey isn’t crying/whining in his music. He was being ironic! I can see how people take his music literally, though. But he is mocking people in society, who say or do such things. In a sarcastic way. His lyrics all about mockery, dark humor and making jests; with upbeat, happy music. That’s the whole point of what The Smiths were about: irony. (some people took it too seriously though; heh) Morrissey was/is basically the Nietzsche of Punk rock/indie music.

Morrissey: define #7
An insufferable human being; a soppy cunt.
“Hey Joe, stop your fucking whinging, you are starting to sound like Morrissey.”
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