Monkey Dunk

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Monkey Dunk
n. The act of spiking in the Super Smash Bros. series while playing as either Donkey Kong (64, Melee, and

Brawl) or Diddy Kong (Brawl). It is performed with Donkey by using a well-timed Forward Aerial attack (a.k.a. the Fair Fist) or a Down Aerial (a.k.a. the Donkey Dair Dunk). While using Diddy, it can only be done with the Down Aerial attack (a.k.a. the Diddy Dair Dunk). Although each of these moves have their own specific nickname (Fair Fist, Donkey Dair Dunk, Diddy Dair Dunk), in all cases they are generally referred to as a “Monkey Dunk”.

*Donkey jumps out at Mario, off the edge of Final Destination*

*Donkey uses the Fair Fist*


Announcer: GAME!

*Diddy jumps out at Falco, off the edge of Smashville*

*Diddy uses the Diddy Dair Dunk*


Announcer: GAME!

Monkey Dunk: define #2
Monkey Dunksports
A basketball slam dunk where you swing on the rim with either one or two hands and make an unlucky defender eat your nuts while you hang on the rim.
*laughing* Miguel why you let Oscar monkey dunk on you?
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Monkey Dunk
1.) n. The act of having your brain twisted into a rather complex pretzel, by a substance such as marijuana, mixed alcoholic beverages (i.e; jungle juice, drank, purple drank, sizzurp, lean, dirty bong water), or a combination of the two. Monkey dunking is caused by a lack of tolerance and readiness for alcoholic beverages, or marijuana. Warning, this may be caused by very high quality marijuana, not some downtown poopy brown weed.

2.)n. Refers to the act of being slammed in on the ground by an opponent, while in the cobra clutch, and said person landing on top of you as they fall.

3.)n. Being incoherent, with little to no motor skill function, due to consuming a large quantity of marijuana or other mind altering substance.

A.) Wow B(DJRuthless), look that girl Kayla over there just got monkey dunked! She definitely shouldn’t have smoked weed with those guys, it’s just too strong for her.

B.) Holy shit, did you see that 300lb man pick that guy up in the cobra clutch, and slam his face off the rug, he definitely is going to feel that monkey dunk tomorrow.

C.) Look at that silly goosehead on the couch, he can’t even keep his eyes open. That og mudbone guy must have monkey dunked him with that high quality herb again.

Monkey Dunk: define #4
Slamming an inmate’s face into the ground after tripping him while he is cuffed.
Woody monkeydunked that nigger so hard he shit his pants.
Monkey Dunk: define #5
Monkey Dunk
The act of penetrating a woman in the doggy style position and quickly switching out to a black friend without telling said woman.
We monkey dunked that girl last night on your moms bed
Monkey Dunk: define #6
Monkey Dunk
To get body slammed, basically you got your ass beat.
“Do Dirty” monkey dunked “Busta” on his head when they were fighting.
Monkey Dunk: define #7
Monkey Dunksports
Performed by a big man in the game of basketball, a “monkey dunk” is properly executed by slam-dunking the ball with two hands, hanging onto the rim, and raising your legs up with authority.
Did you see that monkey dunk by Barkley last night?
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