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Suburban county of Maryland
One of the few counties where there’s a ghetto area (Wheaton, Silver Spring), there’s a rich-ass area

(Bethesda, Potomac), and the boonies (Damascus, Poolesville) all crammed together.

That’s diversity for you.
MoCo: define #2
One of the richest counties in America. To sound cool, we say we’re from D.C. but really, everyone can tell we’re MoCo at heart.
Person A: Where are you from?

Person B: Washington, D.C.

A: But you have a Louis Vuitton bag and drive a BMW.

B: I’m from Georgetown.

A: Liar! You’re from Potomac aren’t you?
MoCo: define #3
1) Montgomery County, Maryland. In it;s location right next to DC, it has DC’s violence in some parts, while it also has the richness of Orange County California.

2) Home to many of the 2002 sniper shootings.

MoCo is only used for Montgomery County Maryland. If you use it to define some other Montgomery County, I will personally jump you.

Let’s all visit MoCo for some fun fun fun!
MoCo: define #4
County where the heads of the public school system suffer from a severe case of storm-phobia.
Bob: Do we have school today?

Suzy: No, there’s a 30% of snow.

MoCo Public School Director #1: Wow, look at that weather.

MoCo Public School Director #2: Yeah, today’s gonna be a real scorcher.

MoCo Public School Director #1: How about a 2 hour delay?

MoCo Public School Director #2: Fine by me.

MoCo: define #5
The county where everyone is either straight out of the OC or tryin to be ghetto. But the love is all in MoCo. And whoever thinks that we stole the MoCo from Howard County, it should be pointed out that Howard County is HoCo. And yes, their girls are hos.
Girl from MoCo: Yeah, I got into every college I applied to!

Guy from PG County: What is college?
MoCo: define #6
The only worthwhile county to live in in Maryland. We don’t give a shit about anywhere else.

MoCo has rich kids, ghetto kids (yes, there ARE ghettos here), hicks, and all the things in between, so don’t judge it by just one area.

Most of the high schools really hate each other.

MoCo is the melting pot of Maryland.

Maryland is the melting pot of America.

And America is the melting pot of the world!
MoCo: define #7
The only place on earth where rappers rep hard for a hood consisting of million dollar homes and X5-driving soccer moms.
The phrase “All my Stonegate niggas” will never make it to the BET soul train awards
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