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someone who, bizarely, wishes they were a Cockney when they aren’t one. Even more annoying than a cockney wanker since

the latter can’t help it, but a mockney is so by choice.

That Jamie Oliver is a right mockney wanker
mockney: define #2
An upper class celebrity who attempts to solicit the admiration of the common person by pretending to have a cockney accent.
“Jesus that Jamie Oliver is such a wordcunt/word and a mockney cunt at that!”.
mockney: define #3
1) Someone who whishes they were Cockney so they can be cool, famous Mockney’s include Guy Richie, Jamie Oliver, Lilly Allen, and Obvoiously Kate Nash.

Mockney Singer – Someone who puts on a fake cockney accent while singing to try and seem cool most commonly done in indie music, under the illusion it makes them seem troubled and world weary, but in reality just makes people seem like utter poser wankers

James “Oh! Hello famous singer slash song writer Kate Nash, how are you?”

Kate Nash “‘Allo me old china plate – wot say we pop round the Jack tar. I’ll stand you a pig’s ear and you can rabbit on about your teapots. We can ‘ave some loop and tommy and be off before the dickory hits twelve”

James “fuck you, Mockney wanker”

mockney: define #4
A cockey is suposedly someone born within the sound of the Bow Bells in London. A mockey is someone with wishful asperations (or exceptionally good hearing).
“That Beamish lad thinks he’s so eastend; what a mockney!”
mockney: define #5
mockney wanker, who is that dickhead who married madonna and all of his movies are the same?

Lock, stock and two smoking barrels, cool, loved it.

Snatch? gee it was a lot like Lock stock!

This new thing? prison soccer? talk about a formula!!


GUY RITCHIE, the ultimate mockney wanker.
mockney: define #6
A dj or producer of the kind who lives in a satellite town outside the M25. Usually Kingston or Reading – occasionally he or she lives within the ring (Watford), but pretends to the throne of East End Cockneydom, for reasons of respect amongst fellow peers.
Don’t give me none of that mockney Surreyboy bizniz you phoney fu**.
mockney: define #7
Speaking in a fake cockney slang. This is accomplished through speaking at a high rate of speed, saying a combination of things American tourists would take pictures of while on vacation in England, as well as places they might travel on a train, punctuated both by either starting or ending every phrase with a question.
Examples of Mockney:

Pip pip, cheerio! Me thinks Gillingham trolley-car newspaper phone booth! Jolly good mickey, ehar?

Westminster double-decker? Right old rain coat!

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