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When you create a mixture of half American Spirit tobacco and half marijuana and pack it into a bong and

take a fat rip off it.

Dude, I was over at Wall house yesterday and too a FAT moak. Shit got me so high I was moaked FODAYZ
Moak: define #2
a bad name for a hawaiian person. like the n word for a black person
that moak was so fat, he wore a coconut bra.
Moak: define #3

1. a person or group of people who believe with deep conviction that they are absolutely perfect, standing head and shoulders above everyone else in all categories.

2. a person or group of people who believe that everyone else wishes they were them.

Verb; to believe that another person or group of people are so perfect that you wish you were them or could just hang out with them because they are so much cooler then anyone in your circle including yourself.

Let’s act like those people aren’t at our party because we’re so much more moak than them.

Hey – that guy just ditched his own family to golf with Scooter because he thinks Scooter is so moak.

Every time I look in the mirror I realize I’m absolutely moak.

Moak: define #4
when a person doesn’t have enough marijuana to fill a pipe and/or bong, they then add tobacco filling up the entire bowl piece
We’re pretty low on bud, we might have to moak that shit…
Moak: define #5
To sneakily take, use, or come in possession of.
This dude paid $5, and he moaked like 12 beers outta that 30.

The shitty kid with the blow-out was moakin’ heavily on these two chickens.

Stop moakin’ the blizz!

Moak: define #6
Civil War era derogatory slang for a black person. This was probably derived from ‘mocha’, i.e. the coffee named after the port in Yemen.
By the way, we visited Captain Armes’ Battlefield up there toward the Republican (River), and found one dead horse and the remains of one dead negro! It appears that Armes didn’t find the Indians after all, so much as they found him! …. he managed to get out of the scrape after a fashion and the whole force drifted back to Fort Hayes without any procrastination …. The Kansas troops are a set to contemplate with curiosity–and the ‘Moaks’ are in the same category!” (Life in Custer’s Cavalry, ed. by Robert Utley, Yale University Press, 1977, p 99)
Moak: define #7
A word often used to descirbe the sweat that accumulates around your genitalia….
“Boy I need a shower, my moak smells horrible”

“Is it hot in here or is that just the layer of moak around my testicles..”
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