Microsoft Fanboy

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Microsoft Fanboy
Someone who boners over Windows, Zune, Xbox, anything Microsoft. Not quite as cancerous as Apple fanboys, as they will run

themselves into debt to get the latest iDevice that has only minor improvements over the previous generation and still uses the same locked down shitty OSes.

Metro gives me a boner. Muhgawd I am such a Microsoft fanboy.
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microsoft fanboy
Much like an Apple fanboy, but greater in number. Microsoft fanboys will be very quick to defend anything and everything their favorite company pushes out, even if it’s straight up shit. They are obnoxious, plentiful, ignorant, and one of the many forms of cancer on the internet, much like every fanboy out there. Some may argue that Apple fanboys are the worst kind, and this may be true, but they are few and far between nowadays. What people rightfully criticized them for doing in the past, these fanboys do the exact same thing (I.E. pay $3000 for a computer that’s barely worth $1500), and there are a lot of them. Microsoft fanboys hate anyone who:

Uses a Mac

Uses Linux

Rightfully criticizes Microsoft on some of their faults

Uses a gaming console

Dares to pose a different opinion

These fanboys also tend to be PC elitists, so they feel morally superior to you simply for using a Windows machine they build themselves, as if it makes them better than everyone else. They also think that computers are only there for gaming. Like Apple fanboys, don’t take anything they say seriously. They are full of shit and have no idea how technology works outside the gaming world.

*friendly discussion on an online forum*

User 1: I love how simply OS X works for me. Its GUI is a lot more user friendly and more colorful.

User 2: I agree, although I feel it’s too limited for me, so I prefer to use Linux. Similar design and you can do different things on it. It’s more my style.

User 3 (fanboy): Both of you are fucking stupid, my $4500 new Surface Studio will blow ANYTHING you do on your shitty Mac or Linux machine for a fraction of the price, despite it being underpowered!!!! WINDOWS 10 IS THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!

User 1 and User 2: Fuck, it’s another Microsoft fanboy. Time to take this to a PM.
Microsoft Fanboy: define #3
Microsoft Fanboy
Notice how there are no other definitions for “Microsoft Fanboys,” maybe because there is no such thing as a Microsoft Fanboy.

But iif you Search up, “Apple Fanboy” and you will notice how much differently Microsoft and Apple users are.

Microsoft users are laid back and use their computers for what they need to use them for (without any undeeded, overpriced extras that apple products have)

Apple Fanboy: “Hey, check out my new Ipod and iphone 4s that I got by staying all night on the release day! Its sooo much better than the Iphone 4 because its just faster!”

Microsoft User: “My Zune and windows phone has the same features as your ipod and iphone”

Apple Fanboy: “Well Ipods are better than Zunes anyway”

Microsoft User: “That’s why you can plug your Zune in to your friend’s computer and have music from other libraries too right?”

Apple Fanboy: “That just means you’re poor and can’t buy your music yourself along with a new device that comes out every year that costs 3000 dollars. You’re just a Microsoft Fanboy, oh wait, shit, there’s no such thing” *shutsups*

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