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Acts or words that are perceived to be insulting by a person who is looking to be insulted, whether or

not that was the intent of the transgressor. Usually a symptom of a persecution complex. (n)

Person 1: “Hey I’m hungry, do you want to go to KFC for lunch?”

Person 2: “What? You think I want to eat fried chicken JUST BECAUSE I’M BLACK?”

Person 1: “Wha? No, I just…”

Person 2: “You can take your microaggressions and shove them, you racist SOB.”
Microaggressions: define #2
The tiniest of possible insults, not insulting enough to qualify as regular aggression. Generally unintentional, unnoticed, and unimportant, these microaggressions are intended to draw the attention of everyone in the vicinity, and particularly at University should be avoided at all cost.
“This splinter is a microaggression to my finger.”

“OMG! Are you going to be allright?! Should I dial 911!?”
Microaggressions: define #3
n. A seemingly innocuous act, statement, or behavior that advocates for the advancement of people in marginalized communities and ethnic and cultural groups decry as an unconscious expression of racism, sexism, homophobia, et cetera instead of actually working for the advancement of said demographics.
White guy to black guy: “Excuse me, could you please keep it down?”

SJW: *Crawling out of woodwork like a centipede* “Keep it down? KEEP IT DOWN??” *Shoves black guy out of the way* “Check your FUCKING microaggressions! Reeeeeee!”

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Microaggressions: define #4
Being a little, useless, cunty, bitch.
Fuck you, micro-aggression

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Microaggressions: define #5
Everyday verbal or nonverbal slights or insults, whether intentional or unintentional, which communicate derogatory messages that target people based solely upon their marginalized group membership.
Examples of microaggressions:

White person: “You don’t act like a normal black person.”

Black person: “What do you mean?”

White person: “You’re just so intelligent and well-spoken. You just don’t act like the rest of them.”

Black person: “The rest of them?”

White person: “No, I didn’t mean it like that. It’s really a compliment.”

Straight person: “So which one of you is the woman?”

Gay person #1: “What?”

Straight person: “Which one is the woman in the relationship?”

Gay person #2: “Um… neither one of us. We’re both men.”

Male: “What are you studying?”

Female: “Physics.”

Male: “Huh? Oh, you want to be a teacher!”

Female: “No, I want to be a physicist.”

Male: “Are you sure? That’s a difficult job. I don’t think you’re fit for it.”

Microaggressions: define #6
A microaggression is a term used by crypto-fascists who want to silence free speech or “contact” that makes he or she feel irritated from criticism or disagreement, because he or she wants to live in a metaphorical bubble in which he or she believes that he or she has *only* received influence from objective sources or *truth.*
Some people invent microaggressions as a weapon or tool to silence criticism or dissent and with its roots in narcissism of wanting to be special or celebrated as a victim of the offender. Some microaggressions are real, but most are BS from hecklers who need to get a life. The idea of a microaggression is that someone’s *being* is transformed or oppressed by *contact* with people who, supposedly, should not have a right to speak because he or she doesn’t know how to talk to them.

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Microaggressions: define #7
A word used to annoy kids named Evan
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