Meredith Squared

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Meredith Squared
Meredith Squared is the name of a cult consisting of only two women named Meredith. The reason for the cult

being so small is because of the requirement to have an overwhelming obsession with what some people might describe as “disgusting bodily functions.” In other words, feces, and other things of that nature. Other practices of this cult include being very promiscuous in their personal lives, and comparing breast firmness with other women. While these two women think that they run the town, they are actually the laughing stock of the world, and most people hate these self-proclaimed “douche bitches.” To make matters worse for this dynamic duo, one of the Merediths is a ginger, while the other one is just a tall awkward freak. You would recognize Meredith Squared on the street if you saw them. Just look for two sexy girls (one a ginger) that look like twins, even though they have a staggering height difference. If you are ever to encounter Meredith Squared, please, for the love of God, run the other way. Do NOT look into their eyes or else you will not be able to resist their trap of seduction. Other things you should know about Meredith Squared is that they are always pretending to be famous celebrities even though they look nothing like them, they love LOLcats, and that they love to seduce people on chatroulette. The tall one has a ghetto booty, and the ginger has very nice breasts. They are both white females.

Guy1: “damn, those chicks are sexy as hell! look at dat ass!”

Guy2: “SHIT DAWG, i think that’s Meredith Squared!”

Guy1: “who?”

Guy2: “these kinky bitches that are obsessed with shit! ….they are weird dawg…stay away. seriously”

Guy1: “i dont know what you are talkin about…….im goin over to tap that”

Guy2: “smh”

Meredith Squared: “oh hey there, do you want to be our teddy bear??”

Guy1: “huh?”

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Meredith Squared
Meredith Squared are two girls named Meredith, and they are besties. They love gettin in trouble, annoyin and pissin people off, and make crazy. They are both VERY sexy and have three boyfriends that they share and like to do it in the booty. They often compare themselves to Turk and JD on Scrubs and Kim and Khloe Kardashian. They have so many haters, including Gaga and the guy at the bookstore. One of the Merediths hated the other one for a few months, but eventually she came to her senses. They love to remenise about old times and bitch about how bad 2009 was. You never see the other one without the other even though they hate each other dearly.
Gaga: ”I hate Meredith Squared; they annoy the hell out of meh, and the redhead is pathetic.”

MJ: ”I’m so glad I’m part of Meredith Squared! I love MN sooooo much, that I wanna make babies with her……….. No homo……… Maybe………… Not…………… ??????? ……..text meh……….?? Shower…… ??”
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