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A term used to describe any female who is severely deluded. See also fugly and hoe.

“Ohmygosh! I hate her, she is such a Mazveen!”
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A bottom-feeding parasitic sea mollusc, which is able to adhere to other living things, esp. those in close contact with it, and suck their soul and good karma out, slowly yet surely. Victims are usually aware of their presence by a sharp stench, a prominent attribute of Mazveens, emmited through air pores on their skin surface. A Mazveen resembles a hybrid between a defective slug and a thick wad of body hair. The only known action to be taken against attacks from such vile pests is one that is distasteful but efficient. When you realise that your soul is being endangered by them, your immediate reflex would be to take hold of both cheeks of their butts and just rip them apart. It would waver their hold on your anatomy and you can fling them into the nearest disposal container, before you contact Mazicide (organisation dedicated to eradicating Mazveens) and wait for them to collect the container for incineration. For good measure during the wait, torturing the creature in the container with strong acid is a common practice among (sadistic) people.
Ingrid: Omg! I think a Mazveen got my shoulder!

Traci: Chill out, I’m on it. This piece of shite is a dead mofo.
Mazveen: define #3
An exceptionally thick, wild and bushy afro. Usually induces eyesore and/or revulsion in anyone unfortunate enough to get within 5ft of one.
Her hair totally did a Mazveen after she finally released it from the hairdryer/bubblegum.
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