Maximum Ride

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Maximum Ride
A series of books about six genetically modified human-avian hybrids.It is recently being made into movies, and if the director

is smart enough, unlike the director of Percy Jackson, it will cause another Harry Potter-like fandom around the world. People would reflect it in their lives, and James Patterson would be rich. (Although he already is richer than Stephanie Meyer, Stephen King, or J.K. Rowling, making him THE richest author, according to Forbes.)If the director was either TOO smart or hadn’t learnt a lesson from Twilight, it would create another batch of FANGirls that forgot about Edward the minute they saw Fang. (And that would be a disaster, causing another wave of twihard-like craziness)

Maximum Ride will come and kick you in the face if you don’t like her books. Angel will help her.
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Maximum Ride
Maximum Ride is about six kids who were genetically altered when they were infants by a place called “The School”. Max (girl), Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy/The Gasman and Angel are all 98% human and 2% bird causing them to grow wings and have the ability to fly. They often are running for their lives from Erasers (People who have been altered so they are beautiful but can change in to wolves).
kid one: “Have you read ‘Maximum Ride’?”

kid 2: “Wut it about?”

kid one: “Bird kids!”

kid two:”OHMAHGAWD!” O:
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Maximum Ride
Maximum Ride is an ongoing series of books for young adults by James Patterson. It is about six genetically altered kids/teens that escape from the terrible School that they were created in, and fight to save the world. Max is Maximum Ride, the leader. Fang is her “right wing” man, the tall, dark, and mysterious guy in every girl’s dream. Iggy is the blind, bomb-expert chef; and Gazzy (short for the Gasman) has issues with his digestive system (as hinted to by his name) and is also a bomb-expert. Nudge is a non-stop talker who is freakishly good at hacking computers, and has an awesome sense of fashion. Lastly, Angel is the scariest little 6-year-old you will ever meet. Sweet at first, she quickly takes a turn for the worse, putting one of the biggest stresses on the “flock.”There is romance, action, adventure, mystery, and suspense! Never met a person that read it and hated it.

The six books out now are:

The Angel Experiment

School’s Out – Forever

Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports

The Final Warning



Teen 1: So did you ever read that book I gave you?

Teen 2: Maximum Ride? Ohmigosh, it was awesome! Best book I’ve ever read! Where can I get the rest of them?
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Maximum Ride
A fictional story book with no literary value whatsoever and complex plot that makes no sense. Set in first-person by the main character who is the zealous, bothersome, irritating Max, the book is a stain of the English language.

You’ll like it if you like the sentence “I’ll kick their stupid butts” repeatedly.

“Ok, I’m not the best cook in the world. Though I can still kick your butt so don’t you forget it.” – Maximum Ride.
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