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The radical notion that not all men are raping, demonic monsters but normal humans like you and me.Masculists are for

equal rights AND equal responsibilities between genders.The main contrasts between feminism and masculism is that masculism does not embrace victimhood, doesn’t want more privileges, doesn’t deny the other genders needs and doesn’t try to blame others for everything. Meaning no one is bad by default.They want equal rights and equal responsibilities and neither a “patriarchy” nor a “matriarchy” but a democracy. If you dont want to steal from others , realize your shortcomings are not everyone else’s fault and want to share burden and privilege between genders you are in essence a masculist (= gender equalist)

Masculism is for everyone. Don’t buy into the blind hate of others.
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Masculism is political,cultural and economic movements that advocate for the rights, equality and dignity of the male sex in an egalitarian framework.
Masculism is a natural development to protect male interests in our increasing gynocentric culture.
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The male analogue to feminism, masculism doesn’t exist too much in our world. This is simply due to the fact that men are not whiny bitches. However, when it is employed is indeed a force for good.
Feminist: Men sure have it great. You get paid more, get hired more, etc. You’re even blessed by nature with superior physical traits. But we won’t worry bc science is soon going to make you all obsolete & provide us with a Wonder Womanesque world.

Masculist: This propaganda again. Ok then. Let me toss some masculism your way. Why is it that we have to ask the women out on the date? Why is it that we, frequently, have to pick up the bill for you self-sufficient females? How about the fact that women seem damn near unapproachable now bc we can’t even say “hi” without consent because it constitutes some form of sexual assault in their imaginations? The reason you gals can’t compare to men is bc you don’t let them in your lives & learn from them. That’s why you all end up lonely or reluctantly pregnant. Then you turn around & blame the men for that as well. We can just sit around & toss a few back without a care in the world. You feminists envy us for that bc your minds can’t stop. You want that peace of mind but the gears in your heads will never stop. When was the last time you ever heard a man yell out “stop sucking my dick or I’ll yell rape.” or say “Help me! This female is talking to me & I feel uncomfortable!”? Not very often. In fact, never. Why do divorces almost always end up with the mother having custody a majority of the time when it’s often the woman who is the problem? By all means, take my children. I’ll just have my free time filled up with other things.

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A movement which began in the 90’s over concerns with men’s rights. Masculists believe in equality for men in areas where they are currently not receiving equal rights or are unfairly treated and stereotyped. Masculists also believe women can be just as guilty of stereotyping men and discriminating them based purely on sex, as men are of women (See: Misandrist/ Misandry). The movement has grown rapidly in recent years with many women and indeed feminists agreeing with some or all of its core principles.

Masculists argue men are negatively portrayed in the media and rubbish certain radical feminist claims that ‘the majority of men have the potential to be rapists’ or the portrayal that men are violent and are always the aggressors in conflicts and that women are victims and that any violence from women is a result of male abuse. They state that depictions of violence towards men in the media is seen as humorous, yet is taken more seriously when the abuse is directed at women.

They also address other issues regarding men’s rights in areas where they are discriminated such as child custody, health expenditure, insurance costs, spousal abuse perpetrated against males by females and rape of males by females both not being taken seriously, male genital mutilation (circumcision) being socially accepted in many countries as opposed to female genital mutilation and other concerns such as suicide rates amongst men, education and employment and further criticisms of the media such as lack of positive reinforcement and role-models for young boys in the media, while presentation of positive female figures is a large aspect of much of the media.

John: Do you believe in equal rights for both men and women?

Katie: Of course, that’s why I believe in a lot of the ideas in modern Feminism as well as ideas in Masculism!

Masculism: define #5
An Internet meme circulated by insecure, entitled, misogynistic white men in a desperate attempt to preserve male supremacy and their undeserved male privileges amidst an increasing female presence in the workforce and public sphere. Many of these men are unsurprisingly unappealing to women and mistake being denied sex for oppression. It is largely derided by men who are actually capable of befriending, courting and bedding women.
Having grown up in a culture of male entitlement, Billy felt entitled to sex with countless beautiful women. However, his morbid obesity and arrogant, selfish attitude rendered him incapable of even reaching first base. But rather than blaming himself for his failings with women and working to improve his appearance and attitude, Billy, feeling denied the sex to which he felt entitled, claimed that he and the entire male sex are oppressed and subsequently began raving about masculism on the Internet.

Johnny grew up seeing white men dominate leadership positions and, as a fellow white man, felt entitled to wealth and power. He thus developed an inflated ego and a very poor work ethic, expecting success to be handed to him on a silver platter. Thus, when his much more hardworking and competent female coworker was promoted over him, Johnny exploded into a fit of rage, burning with self-righteous indignation over a woman taking “his” job. In response, he began spreading masculism memes on the Internet in an effort to salvage his bruised ego.

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