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Marshmallows are the reason you buy Lucky Charms. Don’t lie.
marshmallows: define #2
The manliest food in the world.

It’s squishy. Often white.

Contains sugar and gelatin.

Tastes like heaven.

Used for the game “Chubby Bunny”

Mats: I like to eat marshmallows.

Lisa: Geez, you’re so manly.

Xavier: Hey, wanna play Chubby Bunny?

Shay: Sure, I’ll go get the marshmallows.

marshmallows: define #3
a person who is a wuss or a sissy. also one who is gullible and often described as a goody two shoes.
Example 1-

person 1: “eeww i saw you and your girlfriend kiss yesterday!”

person 2: “oh, shut up, you marshmallow.”

Example 2-

person 1: “OMG that guy in the movie just chopped off that guy’s head!!!”

person 2: “stop being such a marshmallow; it’s just a movie.”

marshmallows: define #4
I perfect treat when at camp.
Marshmallows are going to take over the white house!
marshmallows: define #5
fluffy sugury little squares of heaven. best fuckin candy in the world. i could eat these little fuckers all day and never get sick…

i hope i turn into one someday so i can eat myself…

If i eat too many marshmallows, maybe i’ll turn into one…

marshmallows: define #6
the slang word for paraphimosis, or the condition of the male foreskin becoming trapped behind the knob and swelling up, giving the appearance of a marshmallow.
oi sarah gave me a hand job the other day, i looked at it after and turned out she gave me a marshmallow as well.
marshmallows: define #7
White person – ethnic slur for a white person
Your such a marshmallow

Check out that marshmallow

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