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The action of sneaking up behind somebody and double scooping their nips from over their shoulders.

Dude, I snuck up on Shitron last week and totally mantised him. It was fantastic.
Mantis: define #2
A derogatory slur used toward older Asian people.
1) “Dude, I think you just got ripped of by that asian shop keeper.”

“Oh damn what a Mantis.”

2) “I was going to steal that packet of ramen noodles from the old Asian guys grocery store”

“That guy is like a Mantis you know he’ll Kung fu your arse”

Mantis: define #3
a word to describe something cool or of excitement
pfft….dude thats mantis

im really mantis

Mantis: define #4
A hunch back or a person with bad posture. Often named Dillon and only have good posture when sitting on a ski lift with their book bag on.
An idiot the worst posture awfully horrible horrible posture Mantis
Mantis: define #5
This word describes the act of fingering a woman in both holes using two fingers on each hand while motioning like a preying mantis
My wife likes when I give her a mantis. She says it feels amazing.
Mantis: define #6
This word describes the drunken physical mind set, movement and actions of an extremely damaged individual.

Similar to getting totally T-Rex’d, when one does the mantis they are much more socially awkward yet still very much involved in conversation with friends or while on the pull.

This epic state of drunk foolishness although hilarious does have the drawback of disregarding any thought of invading other people’s personal space.

It is not unusual to find the mantis on the floor refusing to call a night 2 days into the sesh!

Everybody do the mantis!

Let’s go out and get totally mantis’d tonight!

Dan youre an absolute mantis lad!
Mantis: define #7
A slang term used to describe an extremely desirable object, outcome or proposition, usually where ‘awesome’, ‘amazing’ or ‘incredible’ will not suffice. Accompanied by reaching ones hand out, palm skyward and fingers slightly curved inwards, to reinforce the gesture.

Not to be confused with Praying Mantis.

“man that guitar solo is Mantis!”

“Did you hear about Tondi’s new 6 cylinder car; it’s freakin’ Mantis!”

“How was that 1 kilo steak you had for dinner last night?”


“She gave me a hummer….Mantis!”

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