man moment

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man moment
when multiple men engage in unorthodox lewd sexual orgy with may involve ducks and or chuck norris

sean,brett,dave,ed,kessler….. and QUACKLES are having yet another man moment
man moment: define #2
When a female is doing something manly, usually when she has her legs wide open
“Oh my gosh, look at how wide apart her legs are!”

“She’s having such a Man-Moment!
man moment: define #3
Man Moment
That really awkward moment when you accidentally touch your buddy’s hand, ass or other sensitive area while walking.
“whoa, dude, we just had a man moment”

man moment: define #4
man moment
similar to a nigga moment a man moment is a universal phenomenon all men experience that transcends race, color, and creed. a man moment is when a man finds something so incredibly attractive it draws his complete attention. the reason for the man moment changes form man to man depending on their preference in the opposite sex.

the severity of the moment can range for a brief glance at the area of interest to a full out stare. this can be dangerous when operating a motor vehicle. (keep this in mind the next time your running ladies, those shorts that make you ass giggle just right while you run may one day cause collateral damage)

alcohol and other drugs can increase the chance and severity of a man moment. this can range form a man breaching the mute state of a standard man moment and actually expressing interest in the desired body part to full on groping of enticing body part. in most cases these drug educed man moments are not welcome and can result in a physical abuse from the woman or even charges of sexual assault, so men please keep your man moments in check.

ohh fuck look at dan. that cashiers tits are so nice he cant help but stare…oh god she noticed….he don’t even care. hes in the middle of a man moment.

man i had suck a man moment today, this girls ass was so sweet i was just standing behind her in line staring right at it. i had to resist the urge to plant my face right in it.

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