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Mamí, Is spanish slang for baby, sexy,
Other names used … Chula, Mamacita, Mamita, Nena etc.

*Ay mamí tù tan caliente.

(oh, Girl you soo Sexy.)

*Ey, Mamí cum ov’a here, Let me talk to you right quick.

Mami: define #2
A hottie girl that’s usually a trying to flirt or a guy says that when talking or flirting with a girl
Boy- hey mami what you doing tonight

Girl- nothing slide over baby
Mami: define #3
{{IS A SPANISH WORD}}Mainly used by Dominicans, Puerto Ricans,Cubans & Other. These are the countries that originally used this as more of a slang term.Can be used with kids,Partner{female}.Similar 2 Hun,Boo,Girl,Baby .{males Refer to females:Mami}{females refer to males : Papi}

Now this word is being used by non-spanish speaking people

{spanglish}, Can be used by anyone{short form is Ma}

{males Refer to females:Mami}{females refer to males : Papi}

{Mami example 1}

Guy:How u doin mami?___how u doin honey

Girl:Im good

{Example 2 Different Context Meaning beautiful women.}

Guy:Woah Que Mami.

{Example 3. Use with children}

Mother:Mami how was school today?

Daughter: It was Good.

Mami: define #4
Familiar name used by native spanish speakers when referring to a female.

Also commonly replaced with “Mama”

The female counterpart of the word “Papi”.

Damn, Mami! You lookin good today girl!
Mami: define #5
a spicy, familiar, complementary, and friendly way to refer to a hotass latina lady (best when applied to colombian); to really let her know how much you like her, try calling her “mami chula” — if she gives half a flying shit about you, she should at least answer back with a “papi chulo”
“Hey Baller, who’s that friend of yours with the great smile and Reece Witherspoon haircut?” “Oh, that’s my mami chula.”
Mami: define #6
an endearing term for a lady from a man

synonym: boo
“Hold up, skip all the singing let’s get right tonight, Mami.”
Mami: define #7
The word guys use when the girl is giving her all and it feels too good like when mami used to give ya ur favorite food
*girl giving a guy a hand job*

Guy- yasss mami yasss
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