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something gifted with two heads, but only uses one or the other…or neither

female: want to come over later?

male: sure

male’s thoughts: dude! sex!
male: define #2
His gender.
He is a male.
male: define #3
-A gender that receives far too much grief. Our past is a bit dark, but so is Germany’s. Contrary to belief, we’re no more stereotypical than the female gender. We’re also not all terrible people.

-Generally has to get the job to feed the kids and has to make the first move to get with a female. It’s practically become par for the course.

-The far less sexist gender. BEFORE YOU ARGUE THIS POINT WITH ME: look at all the definitions of “male”, “man” and “men” and THEN the definitions for “female” and “woman.” Do you see a bit of a problem? Because I sure as fuck do.

-Generally not asshole douche pricks who lack sense and common courtesy. Can formulate coherent sentences and be intelligent individuals.

The male gender is 50% responsible for the human race.
male: define #4
1.the cause of global warming and everything else bad that happens on earth of the best things that ever happened to woman

3.someone who thinks they are better then everybody when they aren’t

damn…that male is hot

i am better than that male

male: define #5
A word often seen on the sides of mailboxes of illiterate people.
Hey Cletus, we got some male!!!!
male: define #6
A big pile of muscles with ridiculous genitals.
See that male over there? He must spend at least two hours in gym a day!
male: define #7
A male is a boy, someone who dosent care about life and just goes out to parties gets drunk and dies. Now some males don’t do this but the majority do.
Woman:Guess what happened to me last night!

Friend: what?

Woman: A male came up to me and raped me!

Friend: OMG, oh well just like a normal male i guess.
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