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An accepted rite of passage for normal children, be it forging their parents’ signature on a school report, shoplifting candies

or stickers at a supermarket, or patronizing a fast-food outlet even after being told not to order junk food and soft drinks.

Just like smoking and clubbing, lying to their parents or caregivers makes kids feel empowered—a juvenile habit most of them overcome as they grow in maturity.

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Lying: define #2
the act of imposing a distorted reality which entitles you to something otherwise not deserved;
when handed to another person, the person lying assumes a superior position as the sole party knowing it is distorted and the exact nature of the distortion . . . inducing the recipient to assist them in getting something they are not entitled to and do not deserve; Manipulation. From this perspective “lying” is a form of theft.
Lying: define #3
what your girlfriend thinks your constantly doing.
GF:”where’d you go last night?”

BF:”i went to the movies with some friends.”

GF:”your lying to me!” (cries)
Lying: define #4
An art that is very hard to master and dangerous to fail at.
lying is good for dealing with authority figures.

For example:

boss: Joe! Did you get that report finished?

Joe: Yes, I’ll have it on your desk by lunch.

where Joe hasn’t got the report finished.

Lying: define #5
making shit up
Mike: That Gonzo… he’s always lying!
Lying: define #6
a master degree in communication sciences only for women, while men can’t lie.
Woman: You are the most handsome man I ever knew.

Man: …

Woman: Where were you?

Man: With friends, as usual.

Woman: You are lying.

Lying: define #7
The ability to use the least amount of information (from the given truth), bend it to your will, add some bullshit to it, and add a dash of charm/reality-distortion field, while slowly changing the topic
Mom: Did you clean your room

Son: Yes i did, and it looks beautiful, as do you, can i have some dinner now

(while lying to his mom

In reality, all the son did was clean the visible part of the room that his mom could see, and quickly changed the topic)

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