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-to shadow someone (or follow)
-to be all over someone
-to sweat someone
-Somebody be lurkin behind me

-Shawty be lurkin all ova you

-Bama be lurkin your style
lurkin: define #2
the act of which one is on myspace or facebook looking at pictures, comments, bulletins or anything of that matter, of another person to see who they’re talking to, what about, and possibly who they like. Lurkin’, or Lurking can be an act of bordem, or just a way to find out gossip. Although there is a fine line between lurkin’, and being obsessive.
Kristen: “I think Ashley and Timmy are talking again.”

Melissa: “How do you know?”

Kristen: “Last night I was lurkin’ and saw that they were commenting eachother about hanging out.”
lurkin: define #3
Driving around aimlessly, normally to kill time, usually in a slow fashion, smoking or popping pills.
ma dawg jus called me dem pillz got em chirpin askin em wat he doin say shit jus lurkin. big fire on em ery nigga wit em chirpin. cant sit still cuz dem pillz got em chirpin. dem pillz got em chirpin.dem pillz got em chirpin. ask em wat he doin say shit jus lurkin!
lurkin: define #4
The sport of taking in the surroundings of ones self. Usually done at a party, school, malls or social networks. This can be done by oneself or with a group of fellow Lurkers. The objective being to spot out the hottest girl and follow her with out detection. Different hand signals could be used to communicate between a team of lurkers.

There are several different levels of Lukin that can one can be judged on.

Level 1

Be able to spot a Bad Bitch with minimal to no detection.

Level 2

Be able to spot a Bad Bitch and communicate her location using hand signals to fellow lurkers.

Level 3

Be able to make physical contact with a Bad Bitch with minimal to no detection. Example: accidentally bump into some butt, elbow a pair of chesticles.

Level 4

The ability to continue the lurk on a Bad Bitch Online, using a social network. Such as finding out relationship status, location and other Bad Bitches associates.

Level 5

The ability to use nothing but the Lurkin method to find where Bad Bitches will congregate at.

Level 6

The ability the master the use of reflective surfaces and the development of heightened peripheral vision.

Level 7

The ability to lift items of the Bad Bitch. This could be anything from scarves, gloves to thongs

Level 8

Only 3 people have achieved this level. It consists of the ability to master the all levels of Lurkin and capture and contain a Bad Bitch without her knowing.

-hey man you see that bad bitch over there?

-dude i’ve been Lurkin since i got here.

lurkin: define #5
Is short lurking which is when someone is creeping and stocking people’s blogs on tumbler
This guy is really lurkin my blog
lurkin: define #6

1. Lurkins is a recently established surname of Old German and English origin derived by combining the family names “Lurth” and “Wilkins”.


2. Behavior and actions of individuals of Lurkins ancestry.

Mr. and Mrs. Lurkins went out a lurkin in the neighbor’s backyard after sunset.
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