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The opposite of grool (as used in the beloved film Mean Girls). To be lumb is to be lame and

dumb all at once. Can be used as an adjective, noun, or verb.

Jack: Nicolas Cage used to be grool, but everything went downhill after National Treasure 2.

Ash: Yeah, now he’s just a lumb actor.

Jack: Don’t be a lumbdog millionaire.

Ash: Yeah, don’t be lumb and lumber.

Annabelle: This little lumb of mine, I’m gonna let it shine!

Lumb: define #2
Acronym for “Laughing until my butt stinks.”
Omg, this cat video is so funny. LUMBS!
Lumb: define #3
“Laughing Under My Breath”

can be used for msn, texting etc..
Iqubal: knock knock

Matt:Who’s there?

Iqubal: Doctor

Matt: Doctor who?

Iqubal: haha you just said it!

Matt: lumb what a loser!
Lumb: define #4
Lumb is a famous homo-erotic acronym standing for: Lube up my butt.

It can take on two meanings. It can be a command, dictating one’s gaysexual boyfriend to lubricate one’s asshole, or a state-of-being, such as in the example shown below.

I woke up with oodles of lumb.

Carl, for fuck’s sake, just lumb!

Lumb: define #5
To screw something up and never admit to it whatever, dragging people down along the way.
You really lumbed me, right where it hurts!!!

I can smell a Lumb!!!

To lumb or not to lumb, thats is the question
Lumb: define #6
Something your boyfriend says to you when he doesn’t wanna say ‘love’
‘I love you’

‘I lumb you too’
Lumb: define #7
a living organism dedicated to the subject of mathematics in other words a dedicated math teacher who devotes his life to math and even takes the feeling of his math books into great account. they generally like to get their nutrition from PAOs (white steamed buns). of the male species. likes to wear unrevelaing garments such as high trousers and tucked in shirt. glasses are compulsory. occasional blue hair is optional. usually equipped with over six calculators.
‘i lumb lumb’ – i love maths

fred: those glasses make you look like such a nerd. you epic lumb.

bob: Hey john do you have a calculator?

John: of course, i have six

bob: omg you’re so lumb

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