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Low Priority Queue in league of legends.

I have been in the lpq for hours.
LPQ: define #2
A nonexistent acronym used to disorient someone or a group of people in a heated online debate or disagreement. Usually it is used by the members of the argument that will find amusement in their opponents feelings of ignorance and obliviousness to the popular internet slang language.
Bill-“Dude, I just LPQ’d that guy last night. You should have seen the look on his ugly mug!”

Frank-“Hey, what does LPQ mean?”

Bill-“Haha! your so out of it! You don’t even know what LPQ means! Haha, n00b!”

LPQ: define #3
Best put, an LPQ can be described as a psychotic dinosaur obsessed woman. These women sometimes become so delusional that they believe they were dinosaurs in their previous lives and have been reincarnated as humans. In some cases, they go so far as to refuse all food except for ferns, grass, and prehistoric trees. Sometimes an LPQ can be aggressive, especially when protecting her man or her cubs. LPQ’s have been known to randomly say things that have nothing to do with current conversation. An LPQ can be nice but if you cross one… you are dead.

Many scholars have guessed at what the letters L, P and Q stand for. Some notable guesses from history are:

Labia Patting Queer — Abraham Lincoln, 1857

Light Particle Quantum — Albert Einstein, 1909

Long Poop Quelf — Rosa Parks, 1955

Lusting Pony Quadriplegic — Neil Armstrong, 1969

Lost Puppy Quencher — Jane Goodall, 1982

Lynnea Patricia Quick — Danielle Berndt, 2001

Lingering Picnic Queen — Justin Bieber, 2010

That girl is an LPQ cuz she likes dinos a little too much and is crazy and nice sometimes but don’t you cross her cuz you will die.
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