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Longmeadow is a town outside of Springfield in Werstern Mass.People who live in other towns stero-type longmeadow as being rich,

snobby, and annoying. However, longmeadow is just competitive, being state champs for hockey and winning the superbowl for football. It is a trend for the kids at the highschool to wear northfaces, popped collars and ugg boots. Yes, longmeadow is previlaged and has money. They don’t exclude blacks or people of other race/religion because they have a mix of all kinds of people at the high school. Basically longmeadow shouldn’t be looked down upon because it really is a very nice town.

“I live in longmeadow”

“Oh i hear they have a great school system!”
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An upper-middle class preppy, country clubbing, New England town outside of Springfield, MA. Longmeadow is competitive, but not snobby. In Longmeadow, pee-wee lacrosse is more important than pee-wee soccer. Longmeadow parents drive BMW’s, Audi’s and Mercedes. Longmeadow families vacation in Vermont, Cape Cod and Nantucket. Longmeadow youth epitomize the preppy deadhead style, whereby a ripped bleached out polo shirt is fine, as long as the collar is worn up. LL Bean Bulcher mocs, or worn out penny loafers are a good look. Messy hair and boxer shorts tie in to the casual preppy look. Labels are very important. J.C. Penny knock offs are grounds for school bullying. Longmeadow’s public schools are more like private prep schools. Longmeadow is sarcastically referred to as “the ghetto”. Longmeadow kids grow up with a strong motivation for material success. Longmeadow is not to be confused with East Longmeadow. It is not uncommon to find a new Porsche in the L.H.S. student parking lot.
There is only one Longmeadow. It is the wealthiest town in Western Massachusetts.
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A Suburb of Springfield, MA. One of the most affluent in Western Massachusetts. The schools are excellent. The athletic department in the high school is excellent. However, the music program is far better. The only reason people move to Longmeadow is for the school system. Due to the supposedly excellent school system, some people can get into Ivy League schools even if they have the IQ of a bumblebee. Typically a resident, known as a Longmeadowite is to wear a female colored polo with a popped collar if male, and uggs if female. The most popular cars in the area tend to be Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volvo, and lots of minivans. Everything is centered towards the high school. Pee-Wee Lacrosse here is taken more seriously than Pee-Wee Soccer. The town is reportedly 40 percent Jewish.
Longmeadow is south of Springfield, MA, West of East Longmeadow, North of Enfield, East of Agawam.
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A wealthy town in the Springfield area of Western Massachusetts filled with a lot of Jewish white people. Lots of big, expensive houses. A BMW and Mercedes parked in every street. Oh, and they have a Gap.
“I’m moving to Longmeadow!”

“Haha, yeah right…too bad you’re wicked poor and not white.”
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longmeadow is a very nice town and it thought of as snobby, but in reality thats only a small portion of the population. yes, people in longmeadow have money but that is no reason to hate them. the fashions of longmeadow frequently change but right now the latest fashions are: uggs, leggings, rain boots, hardtails, vests, and peacoats. most of the cars in the lhs parking lot are nothing special. there are few mercedes and bmws but that doesnt mean that everyone in longmeadow is rich. so if oyu live in east longmeadow stop whining about longmeadowers. just because they have a better record with sports doesnt give you permission
Longmeadow is the better version of east longmeadow, the neighbor

the ghetto, the shops, uggs, football champs, wealth

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Town with a genrally nice and welcoming population. Excellent school system, complete with athletic and music programs. Not to be confused with the poorer, less white/rich town of East-Longmeadow, which has resented Longmeadow since day one when they realised we were better than most of them.
“Wow, East-Longmeadow sure are cool skipping school so they can vandalise our cars while we’re in class”
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Longmeadow is located outside of Springfield, Mass. and is widely held as one of the most affluent towns in Western Mass, if not all of Massachusetts. Longmeadow has an amazing public school system, outstanding atheletics, and an even better music program:) No public school in Western Mass can compare to the highest average score on MCAS (In Longmeadow) or to the constantly winning sports teams, and choral ensembles. Longmeadow is not snobby, and there are not THAT many McMansions… Its annoying to the residents of Longmeadow that they are viewed as snobby for having money, and pushing their children to succeed in their lives.
Many expensive clothing stores and restaurants can be found in Longmeadow
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