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living colour
Perhaps the first all-African-American rock/heavy metal band in history– or rather, the first mainstream all-African-American rock/heavy metal band in history,

Living Colour was, and still is, a revolutionary band, which combined raging guitar riffs with amazing drum beats and crazy, nimble basslines,and occasionally a synth or two (like in Hemp or Auslander). Although they put out wuite a few records, the two they’re best known for are Tim’s Up, which mainly consisted of vicious, off-beat guitar riffs, jazzy synthisizers, and hypnotic basslines, and Stain, which, except for the songs”Hemp” and “WTFF,” is purely metal.
The mambers of the band are Vernon Reid (the guitarist, and one of the last real artists alive), Corey Glover (vocalist, Danny Glover’s son, star of the movie “Platoon,” and the founding member of Living Colour), William Calhoun (drummer, and music major (woot to the nootches!)), and Doug Wimbish (bassist, originally backed Grandmaster Flash and the Furious on Sugar Hill records). Each member is key in the execution of the music, and each instrument melds together with the others to create a smooth, but eerily off-beat sound which marked the black man’s first real foray into white history. What’s more, they managed to use the white man’s music to fight racism, sexism, homophobia, AIDS, poverty in Africa, and conformity.
The members of the band split up in 1995, each going their separate ways, then reformed sometime in the past 5 or 6 years. They are still touring, and are coming to the Chicago House of Blues on December 5th, 2005. Tickets for general admission cost $20. Which means that the House of Blues is already $20 richer.

“Nothingness, all I have to feel is my lonliness, nothing in the attic ‘cept an empty chest.”

–Nothingness, by Living Colour

“Time’s up, the sky’s falling, time’s up, the Lord is calling.”

–Time’s Up, by Living Color

“Ghosts and monsters, you basttard sinners, you’ve ruined my life!”

–Postman, by Living Colour

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living colourmusic
Anal Cunt’s favourite “black metal” band.
Living Colour Are My Favourite Black Metal Band
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living colourmusic
a fantastic band that stopped being in the mainstream industry, because white people cant own up to the fact that rock music is essentially Afro-American music
Jared: Do you know that band, living colour? Why aren’t living colour popular anymore? They are better than alot of bands today.

Friend: Well, see Jared, white people want rock to themselves even though we Afro-Americans laid the groundwork for the genre.

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Living Colour
A rock band of Black Americans popular in the late 80s – mid 90s. They played a fusion of heavy metal and funk, tho they also experimented with other styles and genres, too. Living Colour wrote mature, intelligent lyrics to their songs. I saw them on David Letterman in the end of the 80s and they were stunning to the max. They were playing “Which Way to Your America?”. The singer Corey Glover(who’d make a fine gospel singer) was screaming out the words like his life depended on it. Guitarist Vernon Reid ranks with the Edge, Jimi Hendrix and other guitar heroes. Bassist Muzz Skillings and drummer Will Calhoun churned out the rhythm. It was trandescent and the band got a big time standing o. In the 90s Muzz was replaced by Doug Wimbish. Living Colour broke down racial barriers in FM rock radio. They disbanded in 1995.
I saw Living Colour live in early 1991. They were magnificent. They rocked down the house. The opening act, Urban Dance Squad, got us primed up.

Eeeeeeeeyo! What’s your favorite color, baby?


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