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A fanfiction or chapter of a fanfiction in which characters graphically fool around, but do not actually have sex.

The third chapter of this Smallville fanfiction is a lime.
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origin: Trinidadian


(v) hanging out/socialising in an informal relaxing environment, especially with friends, for example at a party, or on the beach.

(n) an event at which liming takes place, e.g. a party. A gathering of people engaged in activities associated with liming. Often qualified using an adjective e.g. big lime.
(v) We liming on the beach today

(n) That party going to turn out be a big lime.
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Acronym for Living In the Moment Everyday. Its like YOLO or Carpe Diem, but not used by douchebags or nerds.
Guy #1: Yo, this party is dope. You just make out with that girl?

Guy #2: Fuck yeah, bro. Life is great. LIME it up, son!
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chillin or hanging. to chill or hangout.
yo dirty boi, come lime wit me n ma boys tonight.
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-lime (verb), lime (noun), liming (noun)-

“lime” is a Trinidadian word, which means to socialize and hang out. A “lime” is any event where you socialize and hang out. But the fact that there is a specific *word* for socializing and hanging out emphasizes how important this activity is, gives it high priority, and makes people more prone to do it on a regular basis. “hanging out” is like something you do when you don’t have any better plans, or your plans fall through: you invite someone to come over, they ask you what’s going on, you might say “just hanging out”, or, you were planning to go a party but plans fall through so you decide to settle for “just hanging out” instead.
In Trinidad, liming is a respectable alternative to having a barbecue, going out to a bar, partying, or seeing a movie. On a Friday night you will invite 10 people over to your house and tell them you’re having a lime, and they will all show up, sit in your living room, and enjoy themselves liming all night. You don’t have to entice them to come or structure the social event with a movie, games, barbecue, or plans to go out (although all of these things are liming as well). When you walk some friends back to their car after a movie or party, instead of just saying goodbye and driving home, it’s completely natural for people to spontaneously decide to stand up outside their car and lime for the next couple hours (this could be called a parking lot lime). Passing the time with various weekend and evening hobbies doesn’t really happen in Trinidad, because every Trinidadian’s primary form of entertainment is… LIMING!
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LIME stands for “Live In the Moment Everyday.” Not just a verb, but a philosophy. Much like the Caribbean meaning of “hanging out” or “hang out”, LIME is about enjoying every moment of life whether by yourself or with great people. Its a state of mind and a way of life.
“I hate life.”

“Hey, don’t think like that. My two greatest life philosophies:

1) Carpe Diem and 2) LIME- Live In the Moment Everday. Follow these, and your life will be fruitful.”

“Yo, man, this party is epic”

“Hell yeah, man. We LIMEing it up!”

“Hey man, sorry to hear about losing your job.”

“It’s all good. Life is good. I never take my blessings for

granted and I always remember to LIME.”

“This view is gorgeous.”

“Absolutely. LIME it up, honey”

lime: define #7

a gathering of friends to hang out or party.

Can describe the state of the party
lets go lime

fred and i limed last night

that lime sour (not a very good party)

the lime was SWEET

we limed till 3 in the morning
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