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She doesn’t know how to say no. She confuses most people. She is beautiful, but doesn’t see it. She’s been

through a lot, most people wouldn’t know. She is a night and a morning person, she doesn’t know who she is yet. She wants to be somebody, she will be somebody. She is stronger than she thinks. She can love like no other. She is ‘that girl’

Person1:That Lila;

Person2:I know what you mean.


Lila: define #2
A caring, wise person who is very logical and loving.
“Your mom is so nice! I can’t believe she took the time to make us all these gingerbread men.”

“I know… she’s a Lila.”
Lila: define #3
Lila is a very funny, flawless person. She doesn’t fall in love much, but when she does, it’s amazing. Every man wants her, but doesn’t show it. She’s been through a lot, and doesn’t show her emotions. She hates drama but likes to know what is going ion. She’s not scared to stick up for someone getting bullied. She is a fighter. You wouldn’t want to get on her bad side. She’s tough physically and mentally, but she acts gentle. She cracks jokes during bad times. Lila is very, very wise. She easily understands the lessons in school. She has lots of talents. She doesn’t care what people think, and usually says what’s on her mind, as long as it’s not judgy. She’s very shy at times, and has big deep blue eyes. She halfway loves herself, but she’s self conscious of how skinny she is. She has many talents, and will someday use all of them to show the world. She will have the handsomest, nicest, funniest, wisest husband anyone could imagine.
I wish I was a Lila.

That’s definitely a Lila!
Lila: define #4
Lila is a person who doesn’t want to disappoint. She is scared that if she does she will lose everyone around her. She confuses almost everyone and her emotions are VERY hard to read. She has been though hell, but try’s not to show it. She knows how to have fun but try’s to stick to the rules as best as she can. Most people say “she doesn’t give a shit” if they do then they didn’t take the time to get to know her. She falls for all the wrong guys and doesn’t know how to say no. She is poetic and full of wisdom. She doesn’t know who she is and their for it’s hard for her to except her past and look to the future. Lila is also very random at times. She has a guy best friend and because of this goes through hell to keep him. She doesn’t fall in love easily but when she does…she falls hard. To be a Lila you have to act like it doesn’t hurt when it really does. You have to try to hide your feelings. This never works though. And in turn you can’t forget your past and confuse and push away the ones you love.
Person 1: Man she is such a Lila

Person 2: why does she act like a Lila?

Person 3: She falls in love like a Lila does.
Lila: define #5
This is a girl who is most beautiful and drop dead gorgeous, she is wanted by all men yet, unnatainable because she is so daring, free-spirited, and independent. She rarely falls in love, however when she does she is THE best. She has long black hair and is extremely skinny. She has been to the edge and back and came back without a crack. Do NOT ever get on her bad side. She is a fighter but will think of what she loves while fighting. No one will ever really know her, for she truly does not know herself. She is poetic and says everything with wisdom. Show her cruelty and receive cruelty, show her kindness and receive kindness. Compare her to a black diamond, or onyx gem. She is complex, comes from both heaven and hell, her emotions are difficult to read, and her surface is hard and flawless. She is pale skinned but capable of dark things. She would rather be the moon that shines down on you in your darkest hour than the sun that simply brightens a day. Eric Clapton wrote a song about Layla having all the guys fall to their knees for her and her walking by looking only ahead towards the future. She is always right with a sharp and intelligent mind. She is confident and sexy. She loves cold weather but also enjoys swimming in the water.
That girl walks with such confidence of a Lila.
Lila: define #6
possibly the coolest person ever to live. ever
Lila: define #7
a girl who finds meaning in nature, especially at night
Every night, she walks outside and stares at the stars for hours, like a Lila.
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