Lease locked

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Lease locked
When you are in a relationships that started off rocky, but go threw with it any way. One person is

picking up the slack on the expenses more so than the other and the slack picker upper is tired of the lack of communication and responsibility of the other person in said relationship. The couple signs a lease agreement with the landlord, property manager, and land owner, mortgage Co, ECT. Then realize that they are locked into contract for a period of time. The person has been stuck with the bill more than once. Has a higher paying job and goals to provide for a support system w/ out a hand out card from the county to do it. The one person has the stability to succeed, while the other just floats threw with no idea how to even buy it’s own cloths, grandma/pa or parents by them lunch and provide with cloths still at an older age, lives way beyond it’s means no matter how hard the supporter try’s to explain it won’t work unless he/she realizes that a real relationship is not just about the fling, but the effort it takes to provide a stable home. Will usually tell all it’s co-workers and buddies the downs it can to make it self feel above the woman for sympathy to gain attention and another bed to crash in when the slacker won’t stop over spending. Really doesn’t love who it is living with and doesn’t want to come to grips with the fact that the person got into the relationship over the sexual and not the goal oriented reasons for a relationships future Long Term Goal efforts.

Then The goal oriented 1 ends up having to be under budgeted when it comes time for necessity’s i.e. bills, then being obligated to pick up all the tab.

Man, I’m so tired of his/her unorganized, no goal, lazy, obnoxious mouth bull about how stupid other people are and the he/she still has the elder taking care of his/her at this age. I’m lease locked and annoyed.

Insert name here, actually had the audacity to call and say it thinks that your still hung up on an ex, but calls her/him it’s ex’s name on the voice mail several times instead of saying your name, but you’re the one with the problem. That’s rich. Hears an Example:

P1: You need to come to grips with the fact your still in love with your ex. Your still in love and he/she chose to be with some one else and I know you don’t want to be with me The accusers Ex’s name here…it goes on and it’s not pretty.

P2: See who really has the problems in life. Your dragging our life threw the mud, calling me your ex’s name and can’t just grow the heck up. I’m lease locked with you and you treat me like dirt and for the last time play’s the voice mail on speaker for the slacker the only people that will get hurt in this is the kids and you need to come to grips with the fact that it’s time to grow up and get over yourself and might accomplish some thing other than simply running your mouth all day.

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