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To be laviscious is to exhibit certain unattractive character traits including cruelty, manipulation, double standards and being a big fat

meanie. It does not take much to trigger this characteristic in these nasty individuals, just being happy and having fun should do it. A laviscious person will move outside the law and stalk you (especially if you are attractive to them), hax your tech (hax ikr) and listen to your private conversations but usually will only do this to the vulnerable such as women, children and gay moms. These narcissistic folk tend to have equally morally bankrupt ‘friends’ and will stop at nothing to hurt people who exhibit ‘weakness’ such as being kind, helpful or angelic. Lavisciousness includes a perchance for poorly written creative writing and the making up of very nonsensical stories about themselves and their lonely, boring lives. You would be forgiven for sitting on the fence, being Switzerland or hedging your bets when the lies and corruption begin out of intuition or self defense. One must never give money to a lavisciouss person, remaining pennywise is advised at all times as is wearing your sexiest camo print and push up bra to avoid detection. Always sing to a lavisciouss person, especially when they are stalking you at Funday Friday, they love it.

You lavisciouss piece of crap, I want to fk you so hard but i’m not sure if your peepee works?

Tonee decided to hurt Angel because she was kind and seemed to care about people.

That lavisciouss arse drives a Hon(d)a.

What is a full stop? Asked the lavisciouss inmate of his ghetto neighbour.

The boss is lavisciouss, its time to leave.

I’m leaving the lavisciouss individuals for the Gods to sort out. Tata!

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To be lavisciouss is to be a deadbeat looSeRRR (who can’t spell or use punctuation) with no life whatsoever outside the internet. A lavisciouss person has a {mean} streak and gets pleasure from {creeping} on people, usually defenseless women and children. Lavisciouss folk enjoy being cruel because it gives them a tiny boner and something to do all day other than play with their phone and make fun of gay moms. Laviscioussness entails compulsive lying and deliberately hurting people for fun, with little to no reason. These types are happy to move outside the law and will use cruelty and fear as leverage which is a common trait of such boring, lonely narcissists. Being lavisciouss means that the stream of lies, bullshit and corruption is both captivating yet unfathomable, you would be forgiven for sitting on the fence or naming yourself SwitzerlanD when this type of nonsense ensues.

A lavisciouss person will want you to think of them as well connected and a winner, but as it is written in the holy texts of Ahch-To, ‘one fateful day after all the deceits and fuckery are done, KARMA will find them and they shall think of her and know regret’. There is no need to seek revenge on these types of people, life always catches up with them.

You lavisciouss piece of crap, I want to fuck you so hard but i’m not sure if your pee-pee works.

Tonee went all lavisciouss on Angel because she was helpful, kind and vulnerable.

It is lavisciouss to listen to peoples private conversations for pleasure, even if you have nothing better to do on any given Friday night.

Here come more laviscious LIES!

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