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noun. a mystical creature that is bird-like. A person that is described as a larkin is someone who is very

stubborn and mischievous. They are always getting into trubble and causing a fuss. But a larkin can also be gentle and calm if it likes you. They have very very soft fur and skin and enjoy purring.

She’s such a LARKIN!!
Larkin: define #2
1) an irish term for “fierce”

2) noun: innocent or good-natured mischief; a prank.

a) “Did you see her today? She looked larkin!”

b) “It was just a little larkin, don’t be upset”

Larkin: define #3
Adjective usually applied to a woman meaning ‘funny, sweet, sexy and original’. A woman who is overtly sexual but in such a playful, quirky, and ‘old school’ way that you can’t tell whether she’s really coming on to you or just flirting. Sexually forward without being slutty. Taken from singer Larkin McLean.
She seemed like she was into me but she was so larkin that I knew my down and dirty come on wasn’t gonna work so I just stood there like a dumb ass. Finally I just asked her to dance and DAMN, she shook me all night long!
Larkin: define #4
Irish name that comes from Ireland. Ireland is a place on the earth where they drink guiness and breed horses.
Hey look it’s Larkin and he has a pint of guiness in his hand and he is strolling down to the pub garden with his imagary friend Lawrence the Leprechaun. I wish i was like Larkin, all the chicks dig him.
Larkin: define #5
A freakin sexy beast that everyone digs, can turn lesbians straight again.
Larkins turned me straight last night.

Larkins is so hot.

Larkin: define #6
1. A term used to desribe something made of gold or having a golden color.

2. A person with gold hair (like “ginger” or “readhead” is used to describe someone with red hair)

“I got diamonds in my LArkin Chain”

“A blond, a brunette, a redhead, and a Larkin…..”

Larkin: define #7
verb. the compulsive need to insert your genitals into anything and everything
if you dont shut your mouth, i’m going to be forced to larkin you.

hey look at that grapefruit, lets larkin that shit

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