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Something you put on jars. Not on people

That has Label says the Jar has apples in it.
Label: define #2
pointless words (emo, goth, skater, preppy, poser, etc.) used to stereotype people because of what they wear or what music they listen to. Most people who label others have NO idea what they are talking about, in fact anyone who labels people are narrowminded asswholes who have nothing better to do. Just because you listen to My Chemical Romance doesn’t mean you are emo and slit your wrists in a dark room with candles every night, and just because you wear alot of black doesn’t mean you worship the fucking devil, and just because you wear pink and say “like” alot doesn’t mean you are a prep. Seriously, people who label others dont know shit like they think they do. If you disagree with what someone listens to, don’t listen to it. And if you disagree with what someone wears, don’t wear it. But whatever you do, don’t tell them you disagree, because no one gives a flying fuck what you think. Labels suck. So do labelers. Be yourself, and don’t live by someone else’s rules so you can be cool.
labels are incredibly stupid
Label: define #3
1. Something, usually a sticker of sorts; that you stick on a jar or a box to identify the contents and/or purpose.

2. A highly complicated system which is used to classify people, usually high school students; in an attempt to organize them by how they are ‘supposed’ to be, determined by what music they listen to, what they wear, and in some cases their income. Comparable to the caste system of ancient India.

3. An attempt to classify every band by their ‘style’

1. The box is labeled ‘tupperware’

2. Oh yeah, she’s an emo-goth for sure. You can tell by her Converse and black eyeliner.

3. Oh yeah, their style can pretty much be summed up as alterna-punk/emo/goth/post-hardcore screamo/3rd wave ska revival/punk-core/pop/ska-pop

Label: define #4
Things created by man and hated by man. You perceive others the way you want to perceive them. Don’t claim to hate labels if you are so quick to toss them around or come up with one for yourself. People don’t label themselves as things.. you do.
Girl 1- “Noo that boy’s all gothic and shit.”

Person talking to Girl 1 a few days later:

Person- “Soo… you’re like a prep?”

Girl 1- “I don’t like labels.”


Label: define #5
What is with all the labels nowdays?? Its like u cant like avril lavigne and not be called a poser, u cant like taking back sunday and not become “emo”, u cant like evanescence and not be called a goth. People can like what they want, dress how they want, look how they want to look and like whatever music they like the sound of. U can like 50 cent AND still like evanescense, of course most halfwits would call u a poser if u did do that but who gives a fuck?? also u would be highly discriminated against by most teenagers and would become a freak in ur “cilque”, but u like what u like, just because people dress head to toe in black DOES NOT mean that theyre goth, they could have the same musical tatse as say, the cheerleading prep who comes to school head to toe in bright bold pink. Teenagers these days r being so dumb. By labelling themselves and joining a certain “clique” they think theyre opening the doors to a new way of seeing life when really they are just restricting themselves in musical tastes among with many other things.

Any teenager who likes blink 182, britney spears, Avril Lavigne, Maralin Manson, Taking Back sunday, Usher, Christina Aguleria and 50 cent all at the same time should be respected for not caring what others think or say about them.
Thumbs down this defenition all u like
Label: define #6
that thing that tells you what you’re picking up.

Or those words we all call each other like geek, nerd, dork, emo, jock, scene, prep, goth, punk, druggie… and so on.

Look up the words scene, emo, or goth up on this website and what do you get? either

1. Those fags that go to concerts all the time, wear makeup, no matter if you’re a boy or girl, look down on everyone, wear skinny jeans, act depressed when there is really nothing wrong with them or their life, and are not unique at all.

2. Someone who is depressed, not understood at all, hates life, wears black, sees life differently than everyone else. Wears tight shirts, very very tight shirts.

Now look up jock or prep and you get

1)A dumbass who looks down on everyone, has sex only with cheerleaders, beats everyone besides other jocks up.

2)a slut who is followed by a group of 2-4 other clones that all look the same, wears all pink all the time, has sex constantly and a IQ with 2 digits. Always blonde.

3) a person who shops at Hollister, American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch, and other highly expensive stores.

4) a person who wears polo’s tennis skirts or khakis. A person who gets everything because of their money. Insanely rich and flaunts it.

OR even look up geek, nerd, dork and you get

1) someone who is not very smart but enjoys playing video games, being on the internet, and avoiding the social world at all costs.

2) someone who is overly smart and made fun of in high school because of this, is normally covered in acne and very ugly.

Now do we all fit in these groups categories. Are we all called one of these by other people? yes most likely.

But what if you’re like me which could be very very very likely.

You shop at Hollister, American Eagle, and Abercrombie and Fitch. But Hot Topic also. Someone who wears polo’s and tight graphic tee’s. Someone who’s smart but plays sports and is good at them. Someone who goes to a concert most weekends? Someone who enjoys a myspace account. Who has a few selfy pics but tons with friends too. Someone who’s hair is clean but choppy. That has 5 skinny jeans in various colors and 5 flare jeans too. Someone who has a few ratty converse and some flashy heels too. Someone that gets on the internet at least once a day but hangs with friends everyday too. Someone who has acne that every teenager has, but it’s not overly hard to control. Who has friends by he labels of emo scene, goth, nerds, geeks, dorks, jocks, preps, and even druggies.

What label would you give me hmm?

because we all want to be in a label, one we like a choose. but because we all don’t fit into just one label does that make us all posers? yes yes it does.

So there you go I’m a poser and so is every single one of you.

Sometimes I hate this website. but i like to see how everyone decides to look down on each other by typing something mean about other people on the internet and then saying that the people in that label are all douche bags that look down on other people. oh the irony.
Label: define #7
1. (noun) Something teenagers claim to hate but quickly slap on themselves then advertised to other teens who are too busy contemplating themselves to care about anyone else.

2. (verb) The act of labelling someone, usually when the labelled doesn’t want to be labelled.

1. UGH! I HATE labels, SO BAD. Everyone calls me a prep!! AHH!! Oh, by the way! Check out me new bracelet! I am so damn original!!

2. Don’t you label ME!! How dare you!!

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