Free Online Mexican Train Dominoes: 6 Important Things for You

Are you curious about free online Mexican Train Dominoes? Well, this article will provide the best explanation for you. 

This Mexican Train table can suit two to eight players. Players try to play all of their dominoes before their opponents do each round. The player with the lowest score after 13 rounds wins!.

Mexican Train Rules

The game consists of 12 rounds. Play all of your dominoes before your opponents do each round. Score the dots on any dominoes left in your hand at the end of each round. After 12 rounds, the player with the lowest score wins!.

The rules: 

  • 2–8 people
  • The Double slot is located in the middle of the table.
  • Each train is a dominoes line. The first domino must be the same color as the Double. Continue wrapping your train around the table if you run out of domino slots.
  • The Turn Button indicates who is in charge of the current turn. Click this button at the start of each round until the player with the current double appears.
  • Trains are colored marbles in a round shape.

The Set Up

Each player selects a Player Seat and clicks “Sit Here”:

  • The card icon depicts a handful of dominoes.
  • The number indicates the clockwise order of play.
  • Personalize the text field (Player) with your name and initial (Number)

The first domino must be a double, and it must be placed in the Double space in the center.

The Starting Round

The Deal button places 12 dominoes in each player’s private hand (the rectangle at the bottom of the screen), which is the rectangle at the bottom of the screen.

Each round begins with a double domino. Double 12 is the first round, double 11 is the second round, and double blanks is the final round.

The player with the double 12 is the first to go. Play into the Double space (by pressing the). Then, to start your train, play one more domino that has the same number as the double.

The Turn in The Game

Play 1 domino to a train on your turn: your train, the public train, or another player’s train if it’s “open.”

Trains begin in the center and follow the pattern of the previous domino. A train’s first domino is the same as the Double.

You must draw if you are unable to play. You’ll get a second chance to play. Mark your train “open” and end your turn if this is the case.

The Optional Rules

Infractions such as drawing a tile when there is a playable one in the hand, or failing to notify the other players that he has only one tile in his hand, are not covered by the rules. 

To keep the game moving along smoothly, it is suggested that the players decide ahead of time whether to forgive or prosecute such situations when they arise. 

If a penalty is decided, you can continue playing normally without correcting the mistake, but the player who broke the rule must draw a tile, keep an already drawn tile, or skip their next turn.

Free Online Mexican Train Dominoes

One free game of Mexican Train that you can play online is Mexican Train Dominoes Classic. You can download it on your smartphone. 

 The features on the game:

  • Pass and Play is a game where you pass your iPhone or iPad around to involve three other players.
  • Select the computer players’ level of difficulty. It’s ideal for both newcomers and seasoned players.
  • Multiple rounds in groups of three, six, or ten
  • Several lovely backgrounds to suit your style and mood
  • There is room to play tactically.
  • Relaxing sounds and fluid graphics
  • Clear domino dots in an uncluttered design

To play free online Mexican Train Dominoes, at least you have to understand the rules in the game. After that, you can be a pro player to win big.