5 Essential Things in Free Mexican Train Dominoes for Players

Despite its name, free Mexican Train Dominoes makes people eager to play. It is also known simply as Trenes. It is one of the most popular domino games. One of the best things about this game is that it can be played between two and eight players. 

Then, no matter how big or small your family is, everyone can participate! Here are the complete rules for this fun game. This game uses double twelve dominoes.

The Objective in The Game

Players should finish, or drop all of the dominoes. Then, play with your own Mexican train, and with the other marked trains of the other players.

In addition, to start a game players must flip all 91 dotted pieces. Place the station piece in the center of the table and the tokens that indicate the path of each player. With 2, 3 or 4 players they must each take 15 tokens. 

However, with 5 or 6 players they will have to take 12 chips each; and with 7 or 8 players they must take 11 chips each.

Each player chooses a train color, this will be the one they will use to identify the path of each player (if there are more than four players, you can use any other element that identifies the player’s path). 

The First Turn in Mexican Train

The player who has double 12 must open the Mexican Train station ( the central piece is called the motor ), if neither player has it, their highest double will be placed in the center. 

The same player who placed the double token will be able to start his train line at any of the eight ” turn offs or paths ” of the station by playing with a token that matches the station number. Y

our train should leave the ” station ” and head towards you. It will always continue to play clockwise with a chip that matches the central chip , each one opening their way until they can no longer continue. Each train will leave the station and address each player

Only in this first turn, the player can play as many tiles as he wishes, as long as they form a valid train or road.

The Second Turn

After everyone has had a turn, in which they started their train, if possible, the rules of the game change. Now each player plays only one tile per turn. This tile can normally be played either:

  • On the road itself.
  • On another player’s Train or path, if that path is marked with a Train, to indicate that its owner was unable to play on their last move.
  • On an additional path, known as the Mexican Train, which is always open to all players.

Of course, each domino must be played in such a way that its inner end matches the open end of the domino it touches.

Double Chips in The Game

From the second turn onwards, whenever you play a double, you must play an additional tile, which can go anywhere in the game where you are allowed to play, not necessarily on the double tile that you just played. If you cannot play a second tile, you must place your train on your way. 

If the additional tile you play is a second double, you must play a third tile, which again can go anywhere: on the first or second double that you played or elsewhere, and it can be a third double, and so on. 

Your turn ends after you play a non-double tile or (failing to do so) you pass and place your train on its way. The only exception to this is that if your last tile is a double, you can go out with it, in which case the game is immediately over and it is scored.

Free Mexican Train Dominoes

For the best experience, try a free game so you can understand how it works. It is Mexican Train Dominoes Gold on the App Store. 

The rules of its game are easy. Just place dominoes (sometimes referred to as “bones”) that connect the last domino to any open “train”. If you can’t make a move, you can draw another domino. When a player places a double, the next player must cover that tile. 

When a player runs out of bones, they win the round and all the other players’ scores are added up. When all rounds are completed, the winner is the player with the fewest points.

Then, the free Mexican Train Dominoes will help you to practice and improve your skill in the game. Practice frequently and become a pro player!.