What is Blackjack Insurance Meaning? 4 Best Explanations

You may still not understand what is blackjack insurance meaning. In addition, If you play blackjack, the dealer will ask you whether you want to insure your bet or not at some point.

If you want insurance, or if you play in a foreign casino. Moreover, the rules of blackjack insurance are kind of simple to understand. Such as you can buy insurance if the dealer also has an Ace as an open card.

You can bet 20 dollars if you pay 10 dollars extra for the insurance. In fact, insurance costs are half of the original bet. 

When the dealer turns out to have a blackjack, then the insurance will be paid out. It means, the dealer will turn out a 10 also a face card like Q, J, and K for the second card.

What is Blackjack Insurance Meaning?

1. Should You Always Buy Insurance in Blackjack? 

No, you should not! Because it does not make you look smart. 

If you take insurance, you’re betting that the dealer’s next card will be a King, Queen, Jack, or ten. The dealer then has blackjack. Only then will the insurance company pay out.

A full deck of cards has 52 cards. There are 16 kings, queens, jacks, or tens among them. As a result, the chances of the dealer’s second card being a 10 or a face card are 16/52, or 1 in 3.25.

The payout, however, is only three times the premium. However, the payoff is less than the odds suggest. As a result, insuring in blackjack is not a good idea.

In addition, players who never buy insurance will end up with more profit (or less loss) in their pockets in the long run than players who insure on a regular basis.

2. Insurance Does Not Affect The Cards

In blackjack, it makes no difference whether you have a good hand or not.

You only place a wager on the dealer’s second card. The insurance doesn’t care about your personal cards. Whether you have a perfect 20 or a mediocre 16, insurance is not a wise investment.

3. Counting and Insurance

Insuring at blackjack is sometimes a good decision for a small group of players.

This is true for bandar togel online players who have mastered the art of card counting.

They keep meticulous records of which cards have already been dealt and which have yet to be dealt. This is a technique that requires a lot of practice; you won’t be able to master it in a week.

People who count cards may realise that there are still a lot of tens and face cards in the shoe at some point, increasing the dealer’s chances of getting blackjack.

In that case, a card counter may find it advantageous to purchase insurance.

So, if the person sitting next to you at the blackjack table buys insurance on a regular basis, resist the urge to speak up. It’s possible he’s a card counter.

4. Should Insurance be Avoided

In a one-deck game, you play alone against the dealer, and neither of your first two cards has a value of ten. That as result, 16 of the remaining 49 cards have a value of 10, ensuring that your 10 dollars insurance bet has the best chance of winning.

Despite this, your position is one that is unlikely to be sustainable in the long run. The 10 dollars insurance bet wins 16 times on average and loses 33 times. 

Each win is worth 20 dollars, for a total of 320 dollars. However, the 33 losses at 10 dollars each leaves you with a total loss of 10 dollars.

In conclusion, you already know what is blackjack insurance meaning. Now, you can decide whether to buy insurance or not. Good luck!.

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