Soccer Teams’ Best Jerseys; Arsenal and Manchester City

Best jerseys of worldwide soccer teams are always interesting. There will be lots of replicas that fans want to obtain. But, for those who can afford them, they won’t feel doubt in buying any of those jerseys. They will be very proud of wearing original jerseys from their favorite teams.   

For the 2021-2022 season, soccer fans are very delighted in seeing new looks of jerseys from their favorite soccer teams. In the Premier League, there are some clubs that get the inspiration of the 90’s style jerseys. They are Manchester City and Arsenal. So, keep on reading to find out about the great designs of those teams’ jerseys.

Manchester City’s Puma Rules With the 1990’s Best Jerseys Blue Style  

Those who have watched some home matches of Manchester City will notice their new jerseys. They are 1990’s-inspired Puma jerseys with the style of street soccer shirts. The designs of the shirts were actually the mixed reviews of some fans. But in fact, the City doesn’t have only one design. There have been three kinds of jerseys designed for this season.

For the home match, the shirt gets the inspiration of the 93:20 goal from the legendary Sergio Aguero. The design has a digital scoreboard style. There is also white lettering that makes all fans recall the day when the team was obtaining the winning season, which took place in 2011/2012.

For the away match, the best jerseys will be white with logos and colorful badges. This style has been the real darling among supporters. Yet, the third jersey is adopting the navy style. The jersey obtains the Manchester City across the chest to replace the club badge.

Fans are very enthusiastic about getting the new design. They agree that all the designs are a mixture of street-style soccer jerseys from the ’90s. Puma aims to introduce the street soccer design for remembering the Playstation 1’s Puma Street Soccer game. This game was also available for the Microsoft Windows version.

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Arsenal’s Jerseys Are Not Less Attractive

Arsenal’s Jerseys Are Not Less Attractive

Well, Arsenal might still be at the bottom of the Premier League standings. But, this club still wants to perform its best through its high-class jerseys. The overall design of the jersey is totally inspired by the 90’s jerseys of The Gunners.

The 90’s style will inspire all players to recall the days of this team’s successful moment. Yet, the designs of those best jerseys were actually outstanding. At that time, Arsenal’s jerseys were from Nike and Adidas. Now, Adidas is the main sponsor for the jersey, in which the design is revealing the dark and light blue stripes with the zig-zag look that is aligned with the once-famous Bruised Banana shirt. Adidas understands that the new style is really inspiring players and fans to get the full spirit of gaining victory again.  

Nowadays fans of both Manchester City and Arsenal may be from all generations. But, they must be excited when both clubs have the 90’s style. Both fans expect more than just victory from their favorite soccer teams this season. They also expect the excellent design of the best jerseys that they can wear proudly at any time they want.

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