5 Best Android Dinosaur Games

5 Best Android Dinosaur Games – Talking about android games seems endless. There are various game themes available such as FPS games, simulation games, to war games. The android dinosaur game is one of the coveted games because it carries a unique theme.

Even though it sounds quite childish, it turns out that dinosaur games are quite addictive and challenging. Apart from that, the game is also popular because it can be played by anyone. Want to know what Android Dinosaur games are highly recommended. Check out the reviews below.

5 Best Android Dinosaur Games

Many say that dinosaur-themed games are one of the most sought-after games. There are 5 best android dinosaur games that you must try.

1. Jurassic World ™: The Game

5 Best Android Dinosaur Games

Adopted from the legendary big screen film in the 90s, namely Jurassic Park. Where the big theme is Jurassic Park with a number of terrifying dinosaurs. However, this one game does not only make players hunt and run a dinosaur park.

These games tend to be easy because you will be fighting in a horde of other dinosaurs. In fact, this battle genre game features a variety of hero dinosaurs between groups. You can also choose the dinosaur character as you wish.

2. Dinosaur Hunter

Dinosaur Hunter loading game is like hunting dinosaur animals with advanced and modern equipment. When viewed through the Google PlayStore it has been downloaded more than 200,000 times. So it is not surprising that Dinosaur Hunter is one of the best and popular android Dinosaur games.

The advantage of Dinosaur Hunter is that it provides a variety of weapons to hunt dinosaurs. For example, weapons such as grenades, pistols, sniper rifles, machine guns, submachine guns, and light machine guns.

3. Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores

Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores puts you in the role of an animal hunter. The animals that must be hunted are dinosaurs, not lions, tigers or deer. This one game encourages you to become a professional hunter.

Coupled with a little fantasy nuance that will bring you to modern times. Initially your game character will get lost in an uninhabited island. However, it turns out that the island is gripping and shrouded in fact, inhabited by various kinds of starving dinosaurs.

You have to be careful with the dinosaurs starving for human flesh. Try hunting dinosaurs using sophisticated weapons to win the match.

4. Dino World Jurassic Builder 2

Dino World makes you face a very challenging dinosaur fight. In addition, you will be led to create your own dinosaur park as a breeding ground. When the dinosaurs have given birth, you will move on to look after the young dinosaurs.

This one game does not only feature battle battles between dinosaurs. However, you have to develop the park until it becomes big and has a lot of dinosaurs. In Dino World Jurassic Builder 2 you can connect to a Facebook account. So you can invite friends to play and raise dinosaurs together.

5. Carnivores

Carnivores is an android dinosaur game that has a hunting concept. There are two main ways of playing, namely survival and hunting. If you choose the hunting mode, you should collect dinosaur characters to complete special missions.

Meanwhile, dinosaur survival mode is also quite challenging. The reason is, you will try not to be eaten by other meat-eating dinosaurs. One of the advantages of the Carnivores game is that your character is equipped with a fairly complete arsenal. There are 6 main weapons that are ready to be used anytime and anywhere.

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